Are You Using Psychographics to Target Your Audience?

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    You are probably asking what the heck is psychographics?

    Marketing is all about knowing your customers. Psychographics is the missing ingredient in most marketing campaigns.

    Demographics are used to measure factual information while psychographic research is used to measure subjective information.

    If you aren’t defining your audience’s’ behavior in your buyer personas then you’re missing a huge opportunity for the what, when, where and how of your messaging.

    Featured Presenter

    Featured Presenter – Steve Cross, iSynergy Creative Director

    Steve Cross, iSynergy’s Creative Director will show you how their firm leverages psychographics to target audiences for more effective content delivery and engagement.

    So let’s say you’ve defined your buyer persona, however here’s an example of how you can dig a little deeper with psychographics to target your audience…Demographics are great: female, 30-40yrs old, married, >1 child, >$115k HHI, living in Canfield; but what if you also knew that this buyer persona does yoga more than 1x week, actively volunteers with at least one advocacy group within the environmental space, and shops at an organic grocery store more than 3x month?

    We’ll dive into why you need to be using psychographics and behavior in your messaging as well as how to use that data for better messaging.

    The Basics of Content Marketing

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    Content marketing as a strategy is quite the buzzword in today’s marketing community just about as elusive and mythical as Bigfoot. Some common questions: What is content marketing, how can it have an impact on my business, can I really convert customers…?

    In this webinar, Dennis Schiraldi, Founder of DOYO Live will cover the basics of what you need to know in order to implement a content marketing strategy that grows your audience and converts customers.


    • What is content marketing?
    • Building a framework
    • The power of storytelling
    • Generating content ideas
    • Planning – Editorial
    • Content distribution
    • Conversion

    The New ABC’s of Sales, Always Be Connecting


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    Back in the day when you got a sales job. Your boss would hand you a list, give you a phone and show you to your desk. Those are relics of the past my friends. While the phone is still the most important tool in setting meetings, and face-to-face is still the most valuable in closing the deal.

    Relying solely on your phone game while prospecting will result in a lot of activity but not a lot of results. Sales managers love activity. And how are they engrained to show activity based on how many calls you can hammer out in a week.

    Whether it’s the ground and pound or the dialing for dollars methodology. We’ve got a better idea how about social selling. Instead of cold calling how about warm calling or better yet, answering the phone to have a conversation about your goods and services, now that’s amazing.

    In this webinar we will share with you strategies that we use every day to grow and engage sponsors for DOYO Live, consulting deals and businesses that want to market themselves in my print publication.

    • Business development strategies using modern day tools like social media.
    • LinkedIn – The world’s largest business database, and why you need to be on it today!
    • Email – How to effectively use email to get meetings, schedule follow-ups, touch points, email tracking, etc.
    • Phone – Turning cold calling into warm calling, your pace, when to leave a voicemail and other valuable phone tools.
    • Value – Everyone’s talking about the value these days. How do you bring your client’s value?
    • Aligning Business Objectives – In many cases, timeline is aligned and salespeople often times put making money over a customer/prospect needs, we will discuss how to build a solid funnel so you don’t have to press.
    • Customer Base – Don’t miss out on expanding wallet share opportunities or keeping your customer your customer.


    Why Go All In On Facebook Live – FREE Webinar + Live Q&A 

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    They say that organic reach is dead on Facebook. Well “they” are wrong!

    It’s time to consider making Facebook Live part of your social media marketing strategy.
    Well “they” are wrong! It’s time to consider making Facebook Live part of your social media marketing strategy.

    Join DOYO Live Founder Dennis Schiraldi as he will share with you the step-by-step marketing process that DOYO Live implemented to increase engagement on Facebook 1000%.

    DOYO Live has gone live over 150-times in past year.

    Both featuring a long format show and a short daily feature as well.

    In this webinar we will take a deep dive on: 

    • Why Facebook Live?
    • How to develop a Facebook Live strategy!
    • Got to have goals – Identifying and measuring success.
    • How to’s and best practices on the fundamentals of going live.
    • Creative – What are you going to say, who will be on, etc.
    • Creating awareness.
    • Lead generation aspect, generating business.
    • Re-purposing the content

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