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Why Real Estate Agents Will Love DOYO Live!

AD_DYL_REALESTATE_01-01 Image provided by M. Pontikos, Breakout Session Leader at DOYO Live!

Marketing & Branding

Real estate agents are in a unique position to be in both marketing and sales. You have to be good at the both, which can be difficult. Developing and getting your own personal brand out there within the constraints the real estate company you work with can be challenging. Acquiring new listings plus managing existing listings are all part of the game.

Whether you are with ReMax, Howard Hanna, Real Living, Burgan Real Estate, Keller-Williams, Lakeside, Klacik and the list goes on. The barrier to entry has never been less. We are all brokering time, convenience and quality. There are so many options that are out there...Do you go online, with a website, social media and develop your own personal voice. Listing sites like Zillow or do you just rely on your real estate companies' website to get found and get your listing found.

Not to mention what about the buyer and the homeowner. How are they making their decisions, where does it start? Do you know what online sites are the go to for investigating property. Let's face it, do to TV and the internet we are all experts on everything or at least we think so, just because we watched a 30 minute show on flipping houses or researched it on Google.

Some just want to play in the in-person space, the network and rely on what's worked in the past and it'll work in the future. However the majority of the world turns to online properties for everything. 90% of all buying decisions start with online search. This holds true for real estate.

Establishing your brand as an agent and marketing your services and expertise will further expand your book of business and increase your listings and sales beyond what you think is possible. DOYO Live will feature one legendary icon of the marketing world, Joe Pulizzi. Founder of the Content Marketing World & a Top 50 Influencer in the world in online marketing. Joe will keynote the event. There will be 15 breakout sessions, workshops and a social selling track.

Truth be told DOYO is perfect for just about anyone in a marketing, sales, business owner or design job.

So as you can see, if you are in real estate, we got you covered on the marketing and sales! Learn more about registration today!


Zillow, Trulia & Other Listing Sites

There is no doubt that sites like Zillow, Trulia, Apartments.com have a huge amount of adoption with home buyers. People like the unbiased third party nature, but are starting to figure out that the site was created to take full advantage of driving revenue from real estate agents. The investment for a real estate agent to be on these sites is pretty significant. However an even bigger issue is the fact that these sites have become very noisy with all the listings that are on the site, from a let's get everyone in the pool strategy. The other really big and main issue is that you really need to consider that you need to develop and own your own properties online. And not in the typical real estate sense of properties.

Think buying vs. renting and all the great reasons why you explain to your clients and potential clients why buying makes far more sense then renting. At anytime Zillow or Trulia can take down your listing...What authority or domain expertise are you able to build up as a thought leader in your industry. To really standout I would spend my time developing my own digital ecosystem with a website, blog (whether written or video), social media, email list and voice. It's  a lot of work but will be well worth it, in the long run buying is a better bet for ROI than renting, read out t see how you can integrate some of these channels to build your brand.



Nate Riggs, CEO of NR Media Group - Keynote at DOYO Live - Sharpening Results for Marketing and Sales


When most people think about real estate they think sales. The reality is that you are in marketing, branding, project management, expert on real estate laws and the list goes on. Sales is just one component. And VERY import component at that...Not only are you trying to sell properties but also sell people on why you are the right person to list a property.

Jeff Herrmann - Social Selling Jeff Leo Herrmann, Social Selling Expert

Another component of the sales process is convincing home owners that you and your real estate company are the right choice for when it comes time to list a home to sale. The issue is that typically this either done with a post card to a targeted zip code once a home is sold in the area to let home owners know who sold the house.

Print mail can be effective when it's highly targeted like this approach, but very expensive and difficult to track, unless you order up a call tracking number (which is a different topic) or a promo code.

Conversely, I would look to build a following on in my digital ecosystem, similar to your in-person network. Only with a far greater reach. Think about how you've built up expertise with your in-person network. Friends, family, people from Rotary, former client referrals and the list goes on.

Tony V. DeAscentis - CEO, Ving, LLC Tony V. DeAscentis - CEO, Ving.

It's always a good practice, when in sales, to invest in people when you don't have anything to sell them. Connect with home owners long before they ever consider buying a new home. It's hard to do this at scale, but then again it's really not if you established your credibility online and build a huge following. It really can be done. You will reap the rewards, because people will start to call you vs. you calling them for listings.

DOYO Live will feature Jeff Leo Herrmann, a marketing executive at Fathom Online Marketing and a leading expert in the arena of social sales. Jeff speaks at a number of the major conferences including events at LinkedIn and even Content Marketing World in Cleveland.

Mr. Herrmann will be doing a two part social selling track at DOYO which will be amazing. It'll help you better understand how to utilize online mechanisms, social media and all of the above to create relationships, generate leads and win business. Other talks that will incorporate a sales component will be the afternoon keynote speaker, Nate Riggs, CEO of the NR Media Group. He will be presenting on how to sharpen results from your marketing and sales efforts.

Another breakout session that will feature a marketing and sales component will be led by Tony DeAscentis, CEO of Ving. Tony will be teach you how to increase marketing and sales team effectiveness not only that Ving's technology has a really interesting use case in real estate.


DOYO Live - Keynote Speaker Meet: Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute & Content Marketing World DOYO Live - Keynote Speaker Meet: Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute & Content Marketing World, Top 50 Influencer in Online Marketing!

Content Marketing

The concept of a content marketing strategy is actually fairly simple. Take a subject area you have expertise in and create compelling content that others will want to engage with and position you as the leading expert in your industry. The delivery of this content strategy has never been cheaper. In the past we relied on newspaper, TV and radio to tell that story.

Our keynote speaker, Joe Pulizzi, Founder of The Content Marketing Institute and Content Marketing World. Which is the largest in-person digital marketing conference in the world (held in Cleveland, Ohio every September), is iconic in the world of online marketing. Joe is was named a Top 50 Influencer by Entrepreneur Magazine in digital marketing. Often referred to as the godfather of content marketing, he's authored and co-authored multiple books. All attendees will get a complimentary copy of his latest, Content Inc. which is his talk and book give-a-way is being sponsored by MCCTC.

Joe will give you an in-depth understanding of how to position yourself as a leader in your area of expertise, churn out content consistently and monetize the effort. Watch this 3 minute vide of Content Inc. it's a must watch and will help to make complete sense of it all! 

You can now turn to your own self-publishing platforms, own your media and educate the market on your passion and expertise. Creating a digital ecosystem that consists of:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Podcast
  • Video - YouTube, Facebook, video all great options that will get you eyeballs, traction and found online.
  • Online Publication - Self publishing a magazine using Blurb.
  • Flipboard - Content aggregation create a real estate page.

Is a highly effective way to build a presence. A good quality website can cost less than an year of advertising on Zillow. The main thought here is that you own your own media. Highly important in the event that Trulia ever wants to kick you off.

Getting to DOYO just to hear Joe Pulizzi talk will be worth your time. He's not only a here to talk about marketing, he's built a $10 million business, first and foremost he's an entrepreneur and will share with you how he's done it!

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 9.22.26 AM

Photo provided by HubSpot - DOYO Live will feature Inbound Marketing by HubSpot in several tracks and keynote by Nate Riggs.

Social Media

Make no mistake about it social media is a huge component to any digital marketing strategy however something to keep in mind is that it should be looked at as a vehicle to connect, distribute your content, build and engage a community. Social media should be bi-directional not just a push mechanism for you to tell your story, which allows for commenting, sharing and liking.


"Social media should be bi-directional not just a push mechanism for you to tell your story, which allows for commenting, sharing and liking."


Think of social media as newspaper, TV and radio with a component that allows you to talk and communicate with your audience. In addition also think of these mediums as being totally different in the way people digest information. Don't be fooled, Twitter is much different from Facebook from Pinterest from Instagram. Just like you wouldn't advertise with a picture on the radio, think about it.

If I were in real-estate today I would absolutely have my own Facebook page. However I would be sharing all kinds of valuable information in addition to just my listings. Because let's face it. Listings are a self serving purpose and no one likes to be sold to constantly. Your content strategy that includes valuable information on buying trends, things to consider when moving, etc. all these thoughts need to be pushed on your social channels, including Facebook. Intertwined with this valuable information include a post with a listing and a strong call to action. Whether it's for the open house you are hosting or the newly coveted property you are trying to generate interest.

Hey look at that point you've earned the right, at least with me because you've educated me. Again coming back to Facebook, the investment to boost or even advertise a home is nominal. You will never spend less money getting more reach and engagement with your listing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 9.19.15 PM

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Boosting Posts on Facebook

The information you can gleam from spend $20 on how you set up your listing, targeting, etc. can be an extremely valuable piece of course knowledge. In addition to Facebook you've got the perfect subject and Instagram is the perfect canvas and mechanism. Not saying your professional photography should look for another gig, but Instagram your own pictures of your listings, from your unique perspective. People love that, show us what dinner would look like at the house or imagine staging with Insta...Incredible!!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 10.13.51 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 10.13.33 AM


Since we are on the Instagram topic...I think it's a must for anyone that's in real estate. There are so many opportunities for engagement, to position your properties with an interesting story and lifestyle. I cannot impress the fact enough that Instagram can be amazing for real estate! With the right strategy of posting high quality images, appropriate hashtags, commenting on others pictures, you can have an amazing impact for real estate by showing engaging lifestyle photos that will natively engage your audience when it comes to marketing properties.

Follow DOYO Live on Instagram Today!

From there you can re-purpose the pictures across all your digital ecosystem, including your blog and other social media assets.Moving on from Instagram to Twitter, full disclosure. I absolutely love Twitter, however Twitter can be well Twitter. If I were in real estate I would consider Twitter as a tool to listen and observe conversations as to what's going on. Setting up searches can provide to be very valuable.



Managing a Twitter strategy can present it's challenges, where Instagram posts that take place once a day or even every other day are extremely effective. Believe it or not I'd go all in on SnapChat...Most of your competitors and if not any are there right now. A ton and I mean ton of 18 - 30 year olds are running to it. In the meanwhile if you want more followers on Twitter, check this article out, 5 Simple Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter!


Get on now, figure it out, start to build a community because in 5 years it'll be just a busy and noisy as other mature social media sites. Last but not least the one social media site that most working adults ignore the most is LinkedIn. It's a different strategy on LinkedIn, that goes without saying, but don't go just to post listings or tips on moving. Look at it from the real estate investment aspect and use it to build a network. Key point here is to build the network online just like you have in person. The difference is that you can talk to your online network 24x7 that make the in-person network more valuable.

Here are some ways to use SnapChat in your business!


There will be multiple breakout sessions led by Sassy Girl Media, SocialEyes Media Group and Danny Catullo, owner of Catullo Prime Meats. In addition to these breakout sessions there will be several workshops that will feature the use of SnapChat, Instagram and content marketing strategy.

Location - Local Search Engine Optimization - Location

We are changing the cliche' in real estate from location, location, location to location, local SEO, location...Understanding how local search works is a key component to getting found online. Even the largest real estate companies haven't taken the necessary steps with their local Search Engine Optimization strategy. Submitting to Google Search Console, Google Maps and Google My Business are incredibly, incredibly important to getting found. Most people don't even know where to begin, but building out a map on Google for your service and publishing will dramatically increase your visibility online.

Besides Google, Name, Address and Phone otherwise known as NAP is extremely important. Google goes out on the web and looks to index information. Having consistency with your NAP across all of the web is vital, if not Google looks at the differences and will list two different pieces of information that will essentially compete with itself for real estate online.

Listing yourself as an agent with Local Listing Management sites like Yelp, Angie's List, SuperPages, YellowPages, YP, etc. again very imperative to getting yourself found. They all offer an opportunity claim your free business listing. I would do this today! This strategy, tactic is not super sexy like an Instagram campaign on a new listing but super important for search.

Jim Komara, from Palo Creative is planning to run a breakout session to specifically talk about Local SEO strategy, plus he's got a super background in online marketing practices in real estate.

DOYO Live after party at the M Gallery! DOYO Live after party at the M Gallery!


There will be 200 people attending DOYO Live. All of which are marketing, sales, design and business owners. Networking pre-during-post can help to build your book of business. Get a leg up and visit us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Look at our audience grab their attention in the right way to engage them with good, thought leadership content and connect with them online and in-person at the event. It'll be a tremendous opportunity to get engaged with home buyers, sellers and future homeowners!

There will be an after party at the M Gallery in the Erie Terminal sponsored by NYO Property Group. Not a bad idea to come to network with other conference goers and hangout with the top local developer in Youngstown, Ohio!


DOYO Live is a digital marketing and interactive design conference being held at Youngstown State University - Williamson College of Business on August 4, 2016. Founder and Chief Evangelist, Dennis Schiraldi, has assembled a team of breakout session leaders and iconic keynote speakers, such as Joe Pulizzi and Nate Riggs. Along with thought leadership panel discussion on topics in marketing, design and sales. Not to be forgotten are workshops on social media, content marketing, branding and design and content videos.

Lunch will be provided by food trucks will be included as is the after party at the M Gallery in the ticket price. You will also get a copy of Joe Pulizzi's latest book, Content Inc. sponsored by MCCTC. All this and networking. Sign up for the event today, use the promo code - DOYO - to save 20% on ticket registration!

You will not want to miss this event, it's going to be epic!!! Register today!

Eventbrite - DOYO Live - A Digital Marketing + Interactive Design Conference




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