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DOYO Live Wrap Up - Be Sure to Check Out the Survey Results Today!



DOYO Live - Wrap Up Video by APM Productions


We would like to thank everyone who made DOYO Live 2016 an incredible experience. It was, indeed, memorable.

DOYO Live will be back in Youngstown, Ohio on August 3, 2017 and we look forward to seeing all of you there.

We are going to take the next couple of weeks to work on our content strategy and will be back on September 1, 2016. At which time we will be launching our podcast and webinar series, we will continue to blog, produce eBooks, guides and will be out conducting onsite workshops.

Living our mission to educate marketing, business, sales and design professionals on marketing strategy.

In the meanwhile if you would like to speak at DOYO17 be sure to be on the lookout for when we call for speakers.

We asked for it and you responded, check out our survey results!

The masses have spoken and it would appear that DOYO Live was a big success. With a sold out event, there were over 200 paid attendees, almost a dozen vendors in our partner hub and a small army of volunteers. We attracted an audience primarily from Youngstown, Ohio. However we did see participants from as far off as California, North Carolina, Canada, Pittsburgh, Erie, Cleveland, Akron and Canton, Ohio!

In full transparency, we love the fact that you provided us feedback, it's the only way to make this event better. Typically you are lucky if 10% of your audience provides a survey. The DOYO post event surveyed had a 36% response rate, which shows you care, thank you!

We thought we'd share the results. And frankly we are blushing...However we also loved that there's some really great feedback on things we can improve upon.

We love that too, because we know it's year 1. There are things we will fix and get better at and it's because you are helping.

  • 98% were impressed of how well DOYO Live was organized. Which is awesome considering if you've ever looked at our founder's desk.
  • 98% said our content was impressive, however we do need to make step our game up on content in breakout sessions in 2017!
  • 85% thought opening remarks were interesting, entertaining and valuable.
  • 11% said founder, Dennis Schiraldi was a little long winded.
  • 96% approval for Joe Pulizzi's keynote address, um not bad for a guy that's managed to speak in 16 different countries, delivers hundreds of talks each year and is one of the most sought after content marketing consultants in the world.
  • 87% approval rating on Nate Riggs afternoon keynote. Good job Nate!
  • 100% of the people that took the survey said they would come back in 2017 and/or consider it. 85% of said they would definitely be back. Guessing the still under consideration are working on vacation schedules!
  • About 50% said they would be interested in sponsoring or learning about sponsorship opportunities, email us a doyolivemarketing@gmail.com to learn about opportunities to partner!
  • There's significant interest in attendees wanting to speak, be sure to stay on the look out for the call-for-speakers!

If we had to take a few themes out of the commentary it would be to:

  • Always strive to improve the quality of the content.
  • Better signage.
  • Schedule and description of breakout sessions more prominently displayed.

All noted...We listed the descriptions of the breakout sessions in several places, including the program, on monitors in the YSU WCBA and they were highlighted in our pre-conference webinar. Perhaps the app was a great idea after all, we will work on that for next year!

Again thanks for all of you that came out to DOYO Live and be sure to be on the lookout for all new fresh content starting in September! Enjoy the reminder of your Summer!


DOYO Live is a digital marketing and interactive design conference in Youngstown, Ohio and is dedicated to creating totally awesome content that will help to educate marketing, business, sales and design professionals.

























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