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Instead of Killing it Maybe It's Time to Grow It!

By: Dennis Schiraldi

Guy Kawasaki, one of the early pioneers of Apple wrote in his book, The Art of the Start. That women make better business owners due to the fact they are willing to nurture a business, while men want to go out conquer and kill everything. If you are going to kill, crush or destroy it, how do you expect to grow your business, create more opportunities, generate more revenue, hit your number, nurture relationships and grow so you increase your income?

Marketing should be about sales and vice-versa. DOYO Live will have breakout sessions dedicated to social selling and our keynote speakers, which include Joe Pulizzi and Nate Riggs will touch on the subject. This is a great opportunity for sales and marketing teams to share the marketing and sales vision that will grow your business. Early bird registration is currently open, but it the price of attending the event will be going up on April 30, 2016. Sign up today for discounted rates at www.doyolive.com.


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