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Everyone Loves a Great Story: How to Tell Your Story to Build Your Brand to Stand Out in a Noisy World

Telling your story in a compelling way is imperative to building your brand and standing out in a noisy world. Join breakout session leader Deanna Fusillo, owner of Sassy Girl Media, who will show you how to do just that...In this session Deanna will show tips and tricks on how to:

  • How to use your story to build your brand.
  • Working with little to no budget when marketing your business.
  • Tips on how to use photos with just your smartphone to generate high quality images to use in creating brand awareness.
  • Facebook - How to use Facebook Groups to engage your community, build trust and relationships

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Meet Deanna Fusillo

Most entrepreneurs don’t get it right the first time, or even the fifth time for the matter, but persistence pays off. Deanna Fusillo, a serial entrepreneur, started her first business at the young age of 17. When corporate America limited this single mom’s time to raise two sons, she knew she needed to make a change. She decided to launch her first startup in 2010 and was awarded the Top Leading Moms in Business by Discover and Startup Nation the following year.

Deanna, a graduate of Youngstown State University, found a passion in helping other entrepreneurs. As the founder of Sassy Girl Media, Deanna used that passion to help small businesses with limited budgets, to launch themselves in the cyber world. Any upcoming business starter should be more than thrilled to take advice from Deanna, as she had the pleasure of working with the producers of Entertainment Tonight and The Insider as well as with stars like Ted Gibson, host of “What Not to Wear,” in which she hosted an event for him in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Not only is Deanna passionate about supporting new entrepreneurs, she strives to empower women everywhere. Deanna is the true definition of devotion and her history in this field proves it all. Whether she demonstrates her wit and talent through her own business or in the aid of another’s, Deanna truly loves what she does. All in all, this hashtag abuser by day and mom by night, has a lot to offer and has a bright future ahead of her.

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We are so happy to have Deanna as a breakout session leader. She's a dynamic personality and one of the Youngstown's leaders in online marketing strategy. DOYO Live – A digital marketing + interactive design conference being held in Youngstown, Ohio. We are dedicated to educating marketing and design professionals, business owners and sales executives digital marketing and design strategies that will grow them professionally. Be sure to download free content from our website: Getting Started with Content Marketing!!!



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