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7 Movies to Inspire Your Next Great Marketing Idea


Bones Brigade – Brash, in your face, take no prisoners with a great marketing and branding lesson!

Pearl Jam 20 – A big middle finger to the man, 90’s GenX’ers created an entire culture of making bad ass music and making no apologies about it!

Bottle Shock – Wine, say no more!

Brooklyn Boheme – BK, NY – Spike Lee, Chris Rock and the rest of the movement that set it off. Spike’s talk about the early days of 40 Acres and a Mule are riveting!

Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid – Paul Newman’s entire body & spirit embody being your own person. His partner in crime created the idea of film festivals and shared that same sense of independence. Newman & Redford never followed the path they created it!

Discovering Mavericks – A group of guys that dared to be different and took a risk to surf a wave with deadly potential!

Apocalypse Now – Maybe not the Francis Ford Coppola movie you’d expect to see to round out the list. But understanding the back-end of the story on what it took from start to finish resembles that pain that most businesses will face. This movie pushed Ford Coppola to the brink of both financial ruin and insanity. Coppola had to raise money, contribute and finance some of the project with his on scratch.

He dealt with blending non-experienced actors and legends of the silver screen that refused to cooperate while rambling on through incoherent lines. Relying on guys like Duvall, Sheen and Hopper (who was stoned out of his mind) to carry the movie. Not taking the easy way out when it came to the shooting location. Editing is way through several years of movie footage trying to piece together what’s one of the 100 greatest films in cinematic history.


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