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5 Simple Ways to Gain Followers on Twitter

By: Dennis Schiraldi

Growing a following on Twitter is difficult. I once asked a person that had 10,000 followers how they amassed such a huge following, the answer was simple, "one at a time!"

There's no shortage of information on the topic. The challenging part is not in the concept but the execution. Here are five very simple ways to grown your following on Twitter. WARNING...there are no gimmicks, tricks, secrets. It's pragmatic, but if you put the time in I assure you that you will see gains in your following:

  1. Content - You are what you Tweet. No matter what social media platform you are playing on your content has got be compelling. We ignore Tweets because the content isn't valuable, not easy to access and nor is it visual. Keep that in mind when you are pulling together your content strategy for Twitter.
  2. Hashtag - There's always a fine line in life too much and too little moderation. I don't know who sets these rules on Twitter but 2 or 3 hashtags in a post seems to be plenty, this will get you additional visibility. Keep in mind that trending your own hashtag is difficult today. It's a long term play. Leveraging trending hashtags, such as: #Youngstown, #liveyoungstown, #YSU, #DOYOLive...I could go on, but I think you get the point.
  3. Engage - Unfortunately I see people pushing content, everyone is pretty good at that...but you know what they are not really great at...engaging. Replying, Re-Tweeting with comments. Hearting posts is fine. DM's are good. I'm not a fan of auto-DM's. Be genuine, invest time. Which happens to be #5 in this list it will payoff big time.
  4. Trending Information - Pay close attention to trending information. Twitter does a really nice job of providing you with trending information. The addition of moments even expands this trending information. The key with trending information is to figure out where and how it relates to your brand in a native and authentic way. Basically connect the dots.
  5. Invest Time - When you get a new follower and they have links either in bio or in a post. Take a moment to click the link, read the article and reference the article in the post back to them. It shows you took the time. Invent time into engaging in meaningful conversation.

It's also important to mention there are technology options that can help accelerate your efforts. See Dr. Adam Earnheardt's, DOYO Live Evangelist's blog on, "Building Your Twitter Followers."  If I had to add a 1A or a #6. Be authentic...Authenticity wins on social media and it certainly does on Twitter.

About the Author: Dennis Schiraldi is the founder of DOYO Live and it's Chief Evangelist. Dennis is a digital marketing executive and has provide expertise and guidance to companies such as GE Healthcare, Konica Minolta, The Business Journal and many others on digital marketing strategy. He's also an part-time professor at Youngstown State University and instructs courses on social media. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @dschiraldi, he'll be sure to follow you back.

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