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3 Unconventional Ways to Re-Purpose Webinar Content

By: Dennis Schiraldi

The definition of repurpose is – adapt for use in a different purpose. This is most important in the world of content marketing. Where content is king but it’s also a beast with a bottomless pit of an appetite. Here are three ways to leverage the content that is generated from a webinar to integrate into your content marketing strategy:


Be sure to get a written transcription of your webinar. There’s so much good content to repurpose for blogs, case studies, newsletters, emails,  Tweets and use on other social media sites. Tease out quotes, a paragraph or two. The amount of content generated in a 45 minute webinar can keep your content marketing going for months.


Re-use of the recorded version of the webinar is nothing new. However breaking it down into the sum of the parts is key. Using small 1 to 3 minute segments as teasers to push people back to your full version of the recording that’s going to capture downloaded registration information is key. Although, my experience in over 75 webinars produced, the amount of post webinar downloads in nominal. Which I generally refer to this as the on-demand version to try and change it up a bit.

Training Videos

New hires, existing employees, marketing, sales, operations, etc. Doesn’t matter, this is a target rich environment for getting people energized about your brand, products and tactical marketing strategies. I encourage you to embrace this videos for you own company and think of them as your own training videos.

While it’s important to re-purpose your webinar content, be sure to follow up on leads in a timely fashion. Also keep in mind that the information is not just going to get out on its own. Have a content marketing editorial strategy that’s devised of what and when you will push things out.

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