Has Your Marketing Gone to the Dogs?

In this session, you will learn how to leverage social media to build brand identity, find your audience and grow your business without the use of traditional advertising.

Women Entrepreneurs: Pushing Boundaries and Breaking Rules

By: Deanna Fusillo

Deanna Fusillo will help to empower women entrepreneurs by highlighting the struggles women face in business, what it takes to build a brand using modern day technology and how to build relationships with the opposite sex.

Guerilla Marketing 101: Creating Buzz For Your Brand

How A Milk Carton, A Birthday Present For LeBron James, and A Cameron Diaz Movie Helped Us Build A Brand

Marisa Sergi, 23, a third-generation winemaker and founder of RedHead Brands, will share 25 tips on how to raise the profile of your brand[…]

How to Craft Compelling Content That Attracts Prospects

Before beginning a rebrand, there are six main questions you should consider. These are the questions we considered for the re-branding of Micro Doctor IT, and business owners can use these steps to transform their own brand.

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