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Storytelling with the Pixar Pitch

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Once upon a time there was a business leader that flipped out due to lack of Salesforce CRM compliance. What's your story?

As we scale up the Social Selling Maturity Curve as level 4 creators -- the opportunity to use video to scale relationships gives us unlimited potential.

Having a storytelling framework will drive emotional connections and initiate action.

Publish or Perish.FM

Publish or Perish.FM: Social Selling in the Age of Content Marketing. By Jeff Leo Herrmann: Thriving at the Intersection of Content Marketing and Social Selling. This Podcast is geared for innovative and scale-seeking sales leaders and CMO’s. Thriving in the age of content marketing and social selling. Transforming sales leaders into Thought Leaders and how to leverage video to drive sales productivity. Jeff integrates discussion on technology such as: Salesforce.com, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Marketo and Marketing Automation. Plus the how to incorporate YouTube, mobile video marketing and Rainmaker Digital.




Jeff Leo Herrmann is a proud Youngstown Boomerang, and champion of sales and marketing alignment through the practices of content marketing and social selling. Jeff’s passion lies in the development of strategies to leverage content, technology and data to accelerate sales and realize extraordinary growth. This topic and more is covered in his weekly podcast: Publish or Perish.FM. 

In addition to being a mobile marketing and social selling pioneer, you won’t find a bigger content marketing zealot with an intense belief that brands are better off engaging their audiences with educational and entertaining content instead of blasting them with massive traditional advertising campaigns. This perspective is well informed after a 15-year career at The Nielsen Company working with fortune 50 brands measuring their advertising investments and effectiveness.

Jeff earned an MBA in finance and economics from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and holds an undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences. Jeff will be running breakout sessions at DOYO Live on social selling and speaking at Content Marketing World in Cleveland in September.


DOYO Live is dedicated to educating marketing professionals, UX designers, business owners and sales executives on digital marketing, interactive design and social selling. Our keynotes, Joe Pulizzi and Nate Riggs will feature both marketing and sales in their 1-hour long presentations, plus an entire breakout session track dedicated to social selling. If you are a sales executive you will not want to miss this event. And not a bad way for marketing professionals to gain insights to the sales professional and possibly bring back some vital aspects of this conference to their respected organization. Be sure to register today: DOYO Live registration is now open!

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