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How to Improve SEO - Get Your Free Guide Today!


Grab your free eBook today - No registration is required, it's all yours to download! 

The rules of SEO have changed dramatically. Updates to Google's platform take place so frequently that the rules of SEO have changed. Content is the new SEO. However did you know that your are not alone, not all content, like the content we are giving away here needs to be natively created. Curation can help. Not only does this strategy present a different voice, it actually as data driven evidence that it works.

Grab your free guide on how to improve SEO today - no registration needed, free to download!

In this eBook, which was created by Scoop. it! Is a totally awesome very easy guide on how to utilize a content marketing strategy by curating content to have a positive impact on your SEO.

Neil Patel, Co-Founder of CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics, is one of the most beloved followed experts in the area of online marketing today. He provides several myths that we can kill:

Myth: Focus on a singular keyword, create content to optimize your SEO and the more backlinks the better...

Reality: 70% of searches come from long tail searches that provide a much higher rate of conversion, create content to provide added value to your audience, only relevant backlinks will work, "fake" backlinks will be identified and reflected in your rankings.

In more human terms, we search more now than ever in complete sentences than fragmented words, especially voice activated search. The relevance of your content as it relates to your audience, very important. And last but not least. At one time it was pretty awesome you could impact search by how many links in/off-site were pointing to or on your website. However now those links need to be valuable to content that has a relationship.

Be sure to download your free copy of this digital guide on how to improve your SEO strategy by using a curated content. Grab your free guide today!

In this guide:

  • Why curated content is not duplicated content
  • Content curation helps you publish more content
  • Content curation helps you publish fresh content
  • Content curation helps content quality
  • Content creation generates backlinks naturally
  • Content curation brings your readers what they want

And much more, there's a really great case study on an SEO experiment on testing original vs. curated content. Hint, it's all yours, no registration need,  just grab the book, it's free! 



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