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Content, Inc. - Joe Pulizzi, Keynote at DOYO Live

It's finally here...the moment you've all been waiting for, new fresh content on the DOYO Live blog. We will be releasing presentations weekly. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive offers and content.

Our first presentation from DOYO being re-purposed today and we are going big, is Joe Pulizzi's keynote address at DOYO Live. This was an epic, epic, did we say epic? Presentation on the fundamentals of content marketing by the one and only, godfather of content marketing, Joe Pulizzi. However there's nothing basic about this presentation. It's full of amazing strategy, ideas, concepts that all marketing professionals will absolutely love.

We've embedded the SlideShare. Nothing to download or register. No gated content, nothing to guard, just freely sharing information. Don't get us wrong, we'd love for you to subscribe to our email list, but only after we feel we've earned it!

Be sure to be on the lookout for the release of Joe's keynote on our YouTube channel, this is the recorded version w/audio of the presentation. Please be sure to share this with your friends on social media. We love your shares!

It's also awesome timing because Content Marketing World is taking place this week in Cleveland...Joe did us a solid by providing the keynote in Youngstown. If you are at CMWorld this week be sure to connect with DOYO Live founder Dennis Schiraldi, he's there networking, attending sessions and enjoying a conference as a spectator!!!

DOYO Live is dedicated to educating marketing, business, sales and design professionals on marketing strategy. We do this via our online properties such as our blog, monthly webinars, email newsletter, podcasts, guest contributions to other blogs, workshops and our annual marketing conference in Youngstown, Ohio. If you are interested in our DOYO Live benefactor package, this just went on sale. There's limited opportunity to be included in a year long content marketing strategy, with sponsorship, consulting and workshops. Plus premium exposure at DOYO Live 2017. Be sure to check out DOYO Live's benefactor package! 

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