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Can We Please Stop Overthinking Influencer Marketing Today?

By: Dennis Schiraldi

Be sure to watch Dennis Schiraldi on Facebook Live talk about influencer marketing!

Influencer marketing absolutely needs to be integrated into your marketing strategy. But don't over think it. It's actually quite simple. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to successfully launching your influencer marketing strategy.

Identify the Influencer

Find someone that has "social influence" in the area you are trying to get traction. If you are a real-estate company, identify the 10-most popular influencers in that city or region. If you are a marketing conference, find 10-people that have a lot of eyeballs following them on  Instagram or Twitter or both. There are tools you can use. Such as Klout, which I proudly display a score of 62. Not bad for a civilian.

BuzzSumo and Social Rank are good tools to use. There's also another tool very worthy of taking a look at Affinio. It will give you the opportunity to analyze your following on social media, see where the dots connect, how people engage with you and help find influencers. Last but not least Followerwonk is worthy of a mention because of my man crush on Rand Fishkin.

Keep something in mind. There are third party tools for everything on the web and social media today. They are not all created equal. Sometimes you will struggle with either data being accurate or the clunky behavior of poor design. Others work fairly well. Take it from an O.G. of online marketing strategy. Sometimes you just got to use your own criteria, roll your sleeves up and do the work.

On Instagram for an example. You can do a search by just about anything: People, location, #Hashtags, etc. From there you can start to analyze the data and make your own assumptions. Always hold the amount of engagement accountable, just as much as you start to dismiss or get wide-eyed on the amount of followers.

By the way you can follow me on Instagram @DOYOLive or @DennisSchiraldi, heck follow both.

Typically on Twitter when you try to identify influencers, the gut reaction is to say, "they only have x amount of followers." Don't be alarmed, I can get just as many replies, Re-Tweets and likes per post as someone that has 10x the amount of followers. The reason being I know how to use Twitter at the right times of day, with links, pictures and hashtags.

Engage the Influencers

There are several ways to engage influencers. The #1 way that I've done this is to put the work in. Actually follow that individual on their social media platform or multiple platforms. Once you start following them across multiple channels. Begin to engage with them. Like their posts, share their posts and comment on their posts. I know you are looking for a the magic potion. There isn't one. That's it. Very pragmatic, not very sexy, but extremely effective in building a relationship.

The other thing you can do is actually reach out to them and have a conversation to say you'd like for them to consider being an influencer for your brand, business, event, etc. would they be interested. Again, one item I cannot stress enough. In just about all the instances where I've managed to create a relationship with someone that ended becoming an online influencer for DOYO Live. It started very slowly, there was top, middle and bottom of funnel type of activity to building awareness to getting an email to actually getting these individuals to endorse my brand.

Pay the Influencers

How do you plan to compensate these influencers. You can pay per Tweet, which unless it's Kim Kardashian, that's likely not going to be the case with mere mortals. You likely could retain their services for a nominal fee of $250 - $500 per month. See if you can't get them to do some day-to-day work on your social media strategy to really get the long-term value. But look if someone has 10,000 followers on Instagram and every time they post they get 1,000 of those little hearts, also known as "Likers." Let's say the get 100 comments. For that individual to endorse your brand would be huge. You get that audience 1x per month. It's well worth $250.

The other thing you can do is offer trade. For instance several individuals that are influencers in the area got a free ticket to DOYO Live 2016 due to the fact they have influence. We discussed their services. In several cases we leveraged their audience for endorsement, getting likes, shares and comments. However in each of the cases we handed over the reigns in a takeover. That's really cool. Talk about getting big-time endorsement. Grabbing audiences, sharing the love and being social.








Still Not Convinced?


So you are still not convinced this influencer marketing strategy on Facebook is a real thing. Be sure to check out 60 Minutes, there's an epic news story on how this all is taking place at mass scale. Sure there are going to be national players that engaged for services by billion dollar brands. And there are also the mere mortals, the local influencers in your community that have big followings and can get eyeballs to content for product placement, endorsement, to perform live shows via social media, etc. and hint.

Check out last week's Facebook Live where I talk about influencer marketing!



DOYO Live is dedicated to educating marketing, business, sales and design professionals. Our annual marketing conference in Youngstown, Ohio is the only one of it's kind in a 60-mile radius. Last year we brought world class talent to the event and plan to do so next year. In the meanwhile we also have a fair share of social influence. In the event you need content created for your social media marketing, need us to take over an account for a week, endorse your brand on social and other creative discussion around influencer marketing be sure to email us at: Dennis@DOYOLive.com.

DOYO Live Founder, Dennis Schiraldi will work with you and your business to come up with creative ways we can integrate you into a social media marketing campaign that will absolutely help you to grow your business. Be sure to leave feedback, share with your friends and as always thank you so much for reading this blog!

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