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What Do You Value Impressions or Engagement?

By: Dennis Schiraldi

What do you value impressions or engagement?

When will we ever get away from advertisers, publishers, all of the above needing to talk about the delivery of reach, impressions, how many eyeballs. I get it, there are instances where creating brand awareness is valuable. Letting people know you exist is an important element to getting found.

However the culture of advertising is measured with too much emphasis on the reach factor, when really the measurement should be on engagement and conversion. I like those stats, I like them a lot.

So ask yourself...See the diner I had breakfast in this morning that sells advertising on their tables. It's not very scalable, that's for sure. There's not much reach, but I'll tell you what it does get right, I sat their for 30 minutes waiting on my eggs, bacon, toast and coffee.

Between scrolling through my phone hitting the like button on your Facebook page so I amp up the number of Likes you get, that make the social media marketing manager feel good about the stats today on reporting that a post got 10 Likes, which impacts the number of reach and impressions Facebook delivers, escaping one post from the next...I also sat at my lonely booth gazing at simple ads on a table in a diner for 850 Blues, a local pet store and others.

So the question is what do you value, impressions or engagement?





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