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The DOYO Live Marketing Show - Social Selling, The Death of Vine and Facebook Contests

In this episode of The DOYO Live Marketing Show - It's gets real with social selling...Sales managers everywhere have always put the emphasis on how many phone calls you can make in a week. But, with the number of people not taking calls and a highly compensated sales team. Prospecting is a much different skill set, than actually selling. Don't get me wrong a well rounded sales executive should be able to have the ability to find the deals, get the meetings, share the value props, position the company, structure and negotiate the deal, win it and make money.

However getting on the playing field is as tough as ever. There are clues everywhere in the digital landscape. Little digital droppings left behind for us to pick up and utilize as context to help build and create relationships. Maybe it is a clue to place a timely follow up.

Be sure to check out the DOYO Live Marketing Show...This is a great episode for anyone in sales and marketing. DOYO Live founder, Dennis Schiraldi breaks down social selling. How to utilize social media platforms, email marketing, tools and add-ons. Very quick free tips and tricks.

Also in the this episode a great overview on how to run contests on Facebook that actually work and how you can leverage the contest to grow a bigger following. The win-win of social media.

Let us know what you think, share with your friends and as always thanks for taking a look and sharing our content! Leave comments below!


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