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SnapChat Will Re-Energize Location Based Mobile Marketing

By Dennis Schiraldi, DOYO Live Founder













By Dennis Schiraldi, DOYO Live Founder


Big Brother is Watching

Do you subscribe to the conspiracy theory that the tech companies are spying on you through location services? Let's be honest...There is a value to them, in you having your location services turned on while using your smart phone.

No matter how much Google or Apple try to convince you that having your location based services on, while using your Samsung or iPhone will enhance your experience. Many of us, are of the the belief that big brother and the evil empire in Silicon Valley are just trying to keep tabs on you.

People overlook the fact that you post regularly on what you are doing, chronicle a historical timeline of your life on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the list goes on. The difference is that is on your terms. Facebook's targeting options on for local business can now pinpoint the amount of people that are with in 165 to 500 feet of the physical location your business location. Doesn't matter, you still aren't turning the location device and Facebook can still help to identify your whereabouts.


Go Ahead We're Listening

Social media listening software can drill into where posts are coming from, giving brands geo-identifiers of social media complaints, influencers, etc. Instagram will improve your overall engagement by letting it know where the post took place. Twitter has its location services as well. However, the only way this works is either by you mentioning where you are, you have your location services on and in some cases scrubbing your IP address, yes creepy. Which is exactly why many people do not have location services on.


SnapChat's Amazing Growth

However not until the little white ghost appeared have all of these resources convinced us, that we need to physically identify where we are located or better yet, turn on our location devices. There's no doubt as voice recognition has improved dramatically over the past 24 months. We are still less concerned about using Siri to find locations near us in voice activated search, as much as we are being able to utilize a geo-filter on SnapChat.

SnapChat has caught the social media world by storm and is crossing the chasm into mass adoption. Brands, businesses, old and young, all are making a run at SnapChat. Did you know there are more daily users on SnapChat than than Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. SnapChat has grown 4x's more quickly than Twitter...And Twitter's been around for almost 10 years. Astonishing!

Facebook is still the most widely, mass adopted social media platform on the planet. Instagram is also having a moment. But no other platform even comes close to touching the moment that SnapChat is experiencing.


Geo-Filters and Location Services

The reason why location based services become so important, is that to get the full user experience on SnapChat you need to have your location services enabled. Otherwise it is a complete pain in the ghost, to turn your location on and off every time you want to post. Which gives you the ability to use the really cool geo-filters.

That's right, the increased use of SnapChat's very cool geo-filter and the want to be in the mix, will exceed the fear of what all the other titans could not figure out. People everywhere are turning on their location services to get a better experience because of SnapChat, which gives marketing professionals a better opportunity to connect with you, think about it!

Connect with me on SnapChat @dennisschiraldi, it'll be fun!


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