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By: Dennis Schiraldi, Founder DOYO Live

PALO Creative at DOYO Live

I am very excited to announce PALO Creative, as the title agency sponsor at DOYO Live. Rob Palowitz, President/CEO of PALO Creative, will be a member of our thought leadership panel. As the founder of PALO Creative, Rob's been a dynamic leader of one of the top marketing and advertising agencies in Youngstown, Ohio.

PALO Final Rob Palowitz - President/CEO PALO Creative

I have a great deal of respect for Rob and PALO Creative. They (PALO) continue to be the leaders in the advertising and marketing agency world. I've know Rob for quite awhile and have always admired his work. Which is why, when we crossed paths in a retail shopping center parking lot last March, I practically jumped in front of his SUV with excitement to tell him about DOYO Live. I think we both got a big kick out of that moment. If I've not said it already, as you can tell I'm glad to have Rob and his crew at DOYO.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 11.08.40 AM Jim Komara, Director of Digital Media, PALO Creative

Also participating at DOYO Live from PALO Creative will be Jim Komara, Director of Digital Media and presenting on SEO strategy at DOYO Live. Jim began launching websites in the late 1990's when the primary way to find a site was using directories like Yahoo. Shortly after starting his first web design business, Google came on the scene and suddenly customers were all vying for the number one spot on search engine results. Jim's breakout session will be really great for anyone trying to figure out how to understand the technical aspects of SEO, but presented in a user friendly way.

PALO Creative - YNG Airport

PALO Creative recently launched the campaign for daily flights from Youngstown's Airport to Chicago. This is very exciting for YNG Airport and for anyone traveling back-and-forth to Chicago. It's also totally awesome that the Youngstown Airport worked with PALO Creative to make their launch a success. Be sure to check out more on this integrated marketing strategy PALO designed specifically for the YNG Airport and visit their website to see a full list of their clients. Also something to keep in mind, PALO is not just Youngstown good, they are everywhere good and that's on full display with their work they've done with the YNG to Chicago O'Hare campaign.

We are looking forward to Rob and Jim's participation. PALO Creative will have a number of their team members on-site to help answer questions about digital marketing strategy, advertising, branding, etc. It's a really great opportunity to meet Rob Palowitz and his team. PALO Creative will be providing lunch as part of the title agency at DOYO Live. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @PALOCreative.


DOYO Live digital marketing + interactive design conference will feature Joe Pulizzi, Nate Riggs, 15 breakout sessions, workshops, networking and don't forget about the after party at the M Gallery. This event is being held at YSU's Williamson College of Business on August 4, 2016. 90% of the speakers presenting at DOYO Live are from the Youngstown, Ohio area.

DOYO Live is founded by Dennis Schiraldi, who is originally from Lowellville, Ohio. However, he's spent time in Cleveland, New York City and Columbus as a marketing executive and three years ago moved back to Youngstown to help with the revitalization efforts in the area. Speaking at a number of national conferences, he recognized that there are world class facilities right here in Youngstown, Ohio.

DOYO Live is going to be a great opportunity for marketing, sales, business and design professionals to spend a day in professional development. If you are in marketing, sales and/or a business owner you will want to be at DOYO Live. Register today









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