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Facebook Recommendations and the Start of the End of SEO

Facebook Adds New Tools to Amplify Word-of-Mouth Recommendations, Boost Response

Will Facebook Recommendations change the landscape of how we approach search engine optimization as we know it. Keyword mapping, local listings management, on/off-side linking, updating content on a consistent basis with relevant information, indexing through all of Google's free applications, syndication via social media and the list goes on.

I do think this is the start of something that is going to dramatically impact the future of SEO marketing. Facebook Recommendations leverages machine based learning to make recommendations based upon what you ask and what your friends recommend or what's known as Artificial Intelligence. Think robots, Will Smith or your neighbors Tesla pulling itself in-and-out of the garage.

It's that simple to describe a lot more complicated once you get under the hood. Facebook wants to keep you in the Facebook ecosystem. As of now the search based feature at least for me and probably many is limited.

Typically when you want to know about a service, place to eat, event, etc. you go to the old stand-by which is Google. Typically 80 to 90% of all buying decisions start with online search.

Google owns the bulk of this search engine traffic. Which is why content marketing, SEO and all the things that get you found in search are so important.

Facebook Is Bringing Back Word-of-Mouth Marketing at Scale

Word-of-mouth marketing has always been the most trusted. However that should read word-of-mouth marketing is the 2nd most trusted source of information. Google I think displaced it back in 2010. There's no documented evidence of this but people generally (including myself) go to Google to research everything and then a friend.

Facebook is attempting to re-invent word-of-mouth marketing. People have always asked for opinions on Facebook about products. Smartphones are a good one. However now, with this new feature, the word recognition is not only amazing it's downright scary. Facebook will suggest you turn on recommendations for your friends. It'll then populate the question to your friends. Your friends will make recommendations and Facebook will go and find the Facebook Page of the business (if there is one, if not it'll show the public listing location).

As it pulls in the Facebook Page, you will have the option to Like the page, place an order, buy a ticket. It's pretty amazing. The future of search also is hinging on the success of Amazon's Alexa. Again a machine based learning type of search, opposite of what we all know about how to go about getting found online.

Voice Activated Search is Popping Up Everywhere

Another is Apple's Siri, which is nothing new. Voice activated search, which is typically a lot different, which I have no idea why than typing into search. Have you ever used voice to text to respond to a friend. There's something very strange about the disconnect between the human brain and finger tips. What's interesting about Siri is again, machine based learning, plus it's mobile and people are on the go. The conversion rate is insanely high. The reason being is that people typically go to Siri when they want to find coffee, pizza, beer and you name it. What's even more fascinating about Siri is that Apple recently updated into their new operating system macOS Sierra v10.12 to feature desktop Siri. What???? Yup this is really cool. So again, voice search is different from typing search. And machine based learning search is a whole new ballgame.


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So my friends the moral of the story is this. As many people are still trying to wrap their minds around the ever fast paced world of online search marketing. The game is going to be changing again. Ask 10 SEO experts on how to go about a solid SEO strategy and you'll get 11 different answers.

As machine based learning starts to take over (dare I say) algorithmic search, which is what Google always based their search engine tendencies on. Therefore as SEO experts continue to explain the unicorn of the internet. The shift, while very early adopter stage is here, and getting found on the web is going to be about as explainable as searching for a Yeti. But hey it worked for those guys on Finding Bigfoot.


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