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5 Really Good Ideas for SnapChat Content

By: Ross Morrone

Snapchat for Business

Snapchat is gaining speed in the social media world, and not just by users. Brands are jumping on board with Snapchat and doing a hell of a good job with producing valuable, engaging content to their followers. I have a few brands that I think are killing it right now, and you should be one of them. I’ve put together a few ideas that I think your business can execute to create more interaction on Snapchat.

Employee Takeovers

Takeovers are a great way to show off your employees, customer service and what makes your business work. Weekly takeovers by an employee can help introduce individuals that make your business successful. Encourage them to show off their work space, discuss new projects or products, secrets to their success or anything that is personal and interesting about what they do for your business. This creates a human environment to your business and consumers love real, authentic people. By the way, this can also be departments!

Client / Meeting Prep

You don’t have to give away all your secrets on social media, but if you show the work that goes into expanding and growing your business, it lets your followers know how hard you work and pay attention to new relationships. Again, this creates a human element to your business, but it is also your time to brag about the hustle you put in.

After Work

If you allow takeovers to occur, encourage your team to show what they do for fun after work. I can’t stress enough, people want to create bonds with other people, even strangers. Showing that your team has a normal life outside of work builds trust, appreciation and encourages conversation. Just think of the interactions you can create with followers commenting on what is fun to do around where your business is geographically located.

Create Filters, lots of Filters

Snapchat allows you to submit filters that are both event orientated and specific to your geographic location. You have to pay (per sq ft) for event filters, but we are talking dollars, and you can have geofilters cover a lot of ground for free. Think of conferences, events in-house, social hours, client meetings, etc. There are no limits to putting your brand or product marketing out there to the masses!

Plan, plan, plan.

In my podcasts, I preach planning over and over again because it helps you stay engaged and on task for months. It’s so easy to lose interest and stop your social media efforts, but they take a lot of time and energy to get right, and once they get going, the sharing and community you can build is extremely valuable to your company. In my latest podcast, I discuss Building a Social Media Team for business.

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