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48 Hours, A Full Tank of Gas, 4,000 Marketing Professionals and Countless Hours of Content - Let's Hit It, Content Marketing World, Here We Come...

By: Dennis Schiraldi

It was a very fun couple of days at Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio. This event draws 4,000+, yup that's right 4,000+ marketing professionals to Cleveland for a multi-day conference for all things marketing. Joe Pulizzi, you may remember that name. He graciously keynoted DOYO Live back on August 4, 2016. Is the founder of this mega marketing conference, the Super Bowl of marketing events, the largest multi-day content marketing conference in the world.

It's filled with awesome content, so many sessions to attend and so little time. Keynotes, the who's who of marketing. A truly amazing, inspiring event. I was lucky to hear people like Rand Fishkin of SEO Moz give an awesome talk on the stupid things that marketing professionals say and do that just aren't really true. While that's not the actual title of the talk it was truly engaging.

If you've never checked out Whiteboard Friday's with Rand. Do yourself a favor...Visit this link. It's the best 10 minutes of SEO you will spend each week.

I was able to cross paths and introduce myself to the likes of Jay Baer the author of several New York Times Best Sellers. Again another titan of marketing to check out. Jay's highly engaging, super informative and we are big fans. 

Michael Stelzer, as in the CEO of Social Media Examiner and a fellow conference founder and I had a nice chat. As 4,000 people attend Social Media Today in San Diego each March. Michael was amazingly supportive, encouraging and humble. I'm a big fan of Social Media Examiner, be sure to check it out.

And of course...The godfather of content marketing, the guy who put the crush in orange, Mr. Joe Pulizzi. It was good to see Joe at his conference, in his element, working the room (let's face it that's a very large room), on stage, it was truly amazing. But what's event more amazing, not only did he keynote our little start-up, scrappy digital marketing conference in Youngstown. He and I had a nice conversation, I'll leave it at this...What he said to me about DOYO was flattering and appreciative.

Just downloading everything that I took in for a few days. Amazing content, super smart people, I leave feeling energized and like i don't know crap about marketing. The guy who spoke from Lego, wow, this dude is totally awesome. Lego is an amazing brand.

Lars Silberbauer, senior global director of social media and search for the LEGO Company Ltd. Super smart, super gifted. What he does at Lego is beyond my wildest imagination. So everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team!!!

Cool Vendor Technology 

ION Interactive

Next I was able to check out some very cool technology. If you don't know ION Interactive, oh man you are missing out. Make your content come to life. This is some next generation stuff, when it comes to content marketing. Imagine embedding video, interactive content, etc. into your case studies, eBooks and online publications. Imagine instead of guarding an entire asset, giving away a page or two and then asking for an email to see the remainder of the publication. Wow...epic!


So have you ever wondered about what your social media network is into...or better said, what are the other things they like. Example, what if you where following #CMWorld for a few days, which was the trending hashtag for the conference. And from there maybe you wanted to see who in that audience was from Ohio. Furthermore since Cheap Trick played the first night. Maybe you want to see what other bands, people at Content Marketing World love in-addition to Cheap Trick and CMWorld.

What does this accomplish. It basically identifies your online, social media, buyer's persona. Kinda important. The name of the company is Affinio. And as their tag line goes, understand your social media audience on a deeper, richer, level...You got it!


This is cool stuff. It's like if Flipboard and Medium decided to have a baby. They would have named it Pressly. This is essentially a content management system, with elegant, responsive design, that gives you the ability to curate content like none-other and reap the benefits of SEO. Which is something that most organizations don't get from a curation strategy. Since you own the website, you pull in your favorite content to your web property, add your own opinion, very easily. Upon doing so this lives on your website...Not so sure I'm sold on curated content but if I was this is the way I would go. Because you get all the same user engagement + the benefits of SEO.

Shadow Box

So the above video was made via a software platform made by a company called Shadow Box. Like all software in today's current age...Let me explain. Podcast have mitigated the barrier to entry on having a radio show. Online video is giving everyone the opportunity to make TV shows or movies. And so on...We can debate quality but why. Shadow Box is so cool. The buffering of the video upload can't be overly criticized because the Wi-Fi was spotty, I've never been to a conference when it hasn't been great. However, you can now produce videos as if you had a green screen to your back. What's a green screen, sorry civilians, that's industry talk for having a blank backdrop and using modern day, movie making technology to create an interesting background.

I like this tech and I like this company. Overall an interesting product and will need to see where it goes.

Contextual Predictors & Editors

This is rapidly becoming very cool technology...So the here's the high level. In content marketing we continue to analyze and test with data to see how content is performing. Good, trending upward analytics we as marketing professionals will try to replicate catching lighting in a very small bottle. No engagement and we tend to believe it's not working. Well, what if you could hit the magic button and a software program analyzes your blog, email, etc. and tells you in a proactive manner, how your audience will respond. That's right, scrubbing internet data, social media, previous history, the software tells you whether or not, if the eyeballs ever get on it if it will be well received.

Here's the other cool feature...while it doesn't replace the need for the copy editor, it actually will not just make spelling and grammar suggestions. It will make wholesale recommended revisions to your content. WOW...If your language is too passive, not enough keywords, flags for not following best practices on H1 tags. Needless to say this blog could benefit from a red sharpie, as my wife tends to provide editorial oversight, which it could also eventually be a marriage saver. Check out Atomic Reach and Visible Thread. Just to name two. There were several more in attendance, sorry gang, I don't mean to leave you out these are just two that I was able to get to...

Wrap Up

It was a lot of fun getting out to Content Marketing World. I continue to be amazed by the growth of Joe Pulizzi's conference. It's truly a world class event and very deserving of the praise and accolades. They do a tremendous job, not just the week of the conference, but all year around they churn out amazing, relevant, inspiring content to help drive the marketing world forward.

There's no doubt marketing in general is having a huge moment. Whether it's because of digital marketing, social media, content strategy, all these different buckets of professionals trying to figure it out. There's no shortage of resources. Content Marketing is one of them that continues to standout in a very noisy marketing crowd.

Thank you Content Marketing World for being a source of inspiration and doing what you do. Can't wait for next year!!!



DOYO Live is dedicated to providing being an ongoing resource to marketing, business, sales and design professionals on all things marketing. We accomplish this through our online ecosystem, such as our blog, email, webinar series, podcast, in-person workshops and our annual in person conference. Year-1, we attracted over 200+ attendees, plus sponsors, had a 20 hours of content presented, headlined by Joe Pulizzi, who was our conference keynote, Nate Riggs and a totally awesome after party.

DOYO Live is also about helping to stimulate the economy of Youngstown, Ohio and we are purpose driven. Meaning we give back with money and time. Over the next several weeks, as we align our benefactors for the next year. We have a ton of fresh content coming out. You are going to love it...Do us a favor, please be sure to share this with a friend, I'm sure they will appreciate it!













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