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3 Reasons to Get Your Kid Into Running In Youngstown, Ohio

By: Dennis Schiraldi

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I'd like to tell you about a kids running program in Youngstown, Ohio. This is very cool...You are probably wondering, what the heck is a platform dedicated to ongoing education of marketing strategy scribing a blog on running. DOYO is about all marketing, however our mission is also to help give back in the community, sometimes with money, this time it's with our time.

I'm also very passionate about running. Having completed several marathons and numerous half marathons, slowly I might add. I know the overall benefits of running. I've even written blogs on the topic in the past. Why I'm still running at 40+, which helps me to be a better person each day by living a healthier life.

There's also that little blog I scribed a few years back on how our kids are fat, lazy, addicted to video games and we the adults are to blame. I believe in that blog I was pontificating of how I felt then and still do now that Youngstown is an outdoor mecca waiting to happen. However I'm sidetracked and digressing.

Which again is why I run, it helps me to focus. Here are three really good reasons to get your kids into running at a young age:

Reason #1 - Fight Childhood Obesity - According to the CDC: 

  • Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years.1, 2
  • The percentage of children aged 6–11 years in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2012. Similarly, the percentage of adolescents aged 12–19 years who were obese increased from 5% to nearly 21% over the same period.1, 2
  • In 2012, more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese.1

That's right childhood obesity is out of control. There's not one reason to point the finger. It doesn't take a nuclear physicists to point this out. Just walk around. There's an ongoing health epidemic in our country. Sugary drinks, processed foods, TV has become a sport, technology is enabling us to experience the world through our finger tips and of course video games are so realistic, they are amazing....We are the enablers. The NFL promotes play 60. 

Which encourages youths to get out and be active for a mere 60 minutes per day. I can and most of you can as well...Playing from sun-up to sun-down. Running, activity, especially running help to promote activity. The more active your child is the more their metabolism will run. At least that's what I can remember from Slim Good Body!

This is a good thing. 60 minutes is good, several hours a day will be better. Running, as a sport, is a singular activity, you don't need 9 other of your best friend, hoop and a ball. Football pads, field. Just some running shoes, comfy shorts, a place to run. This is an activity that can transcend into teenage years, when a kid heads off to college and becomes an adult.

Reason #2 - Emotional Impact

Running builds self-esteem and improves confidence because of accomplishment. The term runners high is a real thing. Endorphins are released when you are active. These natural endorphins help fight depression, reduce stress, relieve anxiety and help to overcome inadequacy. Again, from my own personal experience, it helps to clear the cobwebs. Which I'm almost positive is not a medical term. I think more clearly and more creatively.

Reason #3 - Get Outside

This is probably as controversial as we will get with this one, but I'm not a big fan at all of treadmills. Understand they do serve a purpose, especially when there are time constraints or as Youngstown, Ohio weather permits in the cold weather months. However typically, you'll find yourself outside, in nature. Moving away from the confines of your comfy couch, the confines of your house...Bugs, plants, sun, wind, rain, bring it on. Being outside is fun, it's healthy, especially when you are running.


Healthly Kids Running Series

Which is exactly why I wanted to write this blog. This is really awesome news...There is a healthy kids running series in Youngstown, Ohio. This is design to help promote running as a healthy activity for kids. My dear, lifelong friend, Stephanie Yon is the director of the Health Kids Running Series, which takes place in Mill Creek Park and starts this Sunday.

Not to mention Stephie (as I call her) is an accomplished marathoner, and unlike me, she runs fast. She's also been running the Healthy Kids Running Series for several years, a certified distance race coordinator, local high school track and x-country coach, a mother of three wonderful kids and if that's not enough to motivate you to get up off the couch, she's actually completed her first full Ironman competition in 2016.

Which in case you didn't know consists of running a swimming the North Atlantic, OK that's an exaggeration but a good one, you swim far. A really, really long bike ride and you run more that Forrest Gump. You actually ride a bike 125 miles and run a marathon, that's right all in one day. Did I also mention she's completed several ultra-marathons...Needless you kid is in good hands.

It's not too late to sign up. I hear ya...Flag football, soccer, etc. No worries, once you finish up with your games head over to the park. Your kids will have plenty of energy. If your offspring isn't a fan of team sports, maybe this is their outlet for physical activity, a chance to make new friends and who news, maybe pick up a running habit. Be sure to check out the details below.
Register here today!

Fall 2016 Dates: Sundays September 11th, 18th, and October 2nd, 9th and 16th

****Time Change****: 4:30-5:30 pm

*If you have not pre-registered, please try to arrive at least an hour ahead of time. Race Bag Pick Up will begin one hour before the first race at the race location! We will do our best to start on-time, so try to arrive as early as possible. On-site registrations are welcome each week, checks are preferred. Please wear your sneakers! Thank you! (Please note: Registration is non-refundable)

Race Location:
Bear's Den Meadow
New Creek Drive (off Old Furnace Road GPS Coordinates: +41.084195, -80.695063)
Youngstown, OH 44509


DOYO Live is dedicated to ongoing marketing education of marketing, business, sales and design professionals on marketing strategy. We accomplish this through our online assets, such as a blog, webinar, podcast, video and in-person workshops and our annual marketing conference in Youngstown, Ohio.

We are also dedicated to helping to stimulate the economy of Youngstown, Ohio. And we are purpose driven. Which means we are giving back to the community with money and time. In this case, we are helping spread the word, for a very good reason for a very good friend.

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