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What Marketing Trends Are You Watching in 2016?

By: Dennis Schiraldi

“What #marketingtrends are you watching in 2016?” I could very easily say digital marketing conferences featuring the godfather of content marketing, Joe Pulizzi. However I'll save that until the end.

This is what has me excited about marketing in 2016!

The Process

What do I mean "the process..." Everyone wants access. We got to the point somehow that we understand that life is not going to be completely polished and either is marketing. Seeing the unvarnished product come to life is fascinating. It's also engaging and keeping eyeballs on content. Nike recently produced a remarkable behind the scenes video, Be Courageous - A Nike Basketball Production. This video features Kobe Bryant as his career comes to an end. They enlisted the services of Robert Glasper, a wonderful jazz musician. It details how he came up with the musical score behind the video.

Way more interesting than Kobe or the final product. It is fascinating to watch a brilliant musician create music to this soon to be video.  Which launched around the NBA All-Star Game. Oh and by the way when you are done, Nike just engaged you for over 3 minutes!!!

Behind the Scenes

So this is a by-product of sharing the process and granting access. People want to see the process. We are living in a time where we can get unprecedented access. And because of this we get to go behind the velvet ropes, down the red carpet and see what's going on behind the scenes.


As we are always striving for the next best thing in the marketing world that's going to help us standout. The fundamentals are boring, pragmatic, not often sexy. But getting back to basics: Starting with a plan, understanding the challenges, goals, reverse engineering the numbers, executing a strategy, etc. When it comes to social media looking at clean posts, great visuals, elements that bring value driven with great content in the right places is always going to be of tremendous value and perform well. Yes, while SnapChat, Periscope or Facebook's new live streaming capability are very cool! You got to have the basics.

Be sure to check out other trends in digital marketing by visiting www.doyolive.com a digital marketing and interactive design conference being held in Youngstown, Ohio on August 4, 2016.

There will be 15 breakout sessions, along with renowned keynote speakers which include Joe Pulizzi, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute and Content Marketing World and Nate Riggs CEO of NR Media Group.

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