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See Like a Spider! SEO Fundamentals that Build Rank and Bring Traffic to Your Website

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We are very excited to announce that PALO Creative is the title agency sponsor for DOYO Live and that Jim Komara, Digital Marketing Director at PALO will be a breakout session leader and will give you a deep dive into the world of SEO in a fun understandable way.

The Google algorithm has become very sophisticated and many traditional SEO techniques no longer work. Black Hatters and Link Farmers are largely out of work with Content Producers coming into their own. This session will review some of the recent changes that affect your search engine rank and dive into the details that make the difference.

After this session, attendees will be able to “see like a search engine spider.”

About Jim Komara

Jim began launching websites in the late 1990s when the primary way to find a site was using directories like Yahoo. Shortly after starting his first web design business, Google came on the scene and suddenly customers were all vying for the number one spot on search engine results.

Jim started writing computer games and math programs in high school. A veteran of the United States Army, he served in Operation Desert Storm during the Gulf War as an Intelligence Analyst, building computer databases. After returning home, he worked as a real estate agent and began writing programs for his business and creating websites.

In 2004, founded RealEstatePointe, a company that creates and maintains real estate company websites and web applications across the country. Since then he has focused on digital marketing, SEO and website building for companies across a broad spectrum of industries.

Jim is the Digital Marketing Director at PALO Creative where he gets to meet new clients who bring new challenges every week, which he calls “non-stop fun!”


DOYO Live is a digital marketing and interactive design conference taking place in Youngstown, Ohio on August 4, 2016. It will feature Joe Pulizzi as the keynote speaker and is the founder of The Content Marketing Institute and CMWorld in Cleveland, Ohio. Everyone that attends will get a free copy of his latest book, Content Inc. sponsored by The Mahoning County Career ant Technical Center.

PALO Creative is the title agency sponsor for DOYO Live, owner Rob Palowitz will also be participating from PALO Creative on our thought leadership panel discussion! Founder, Dennis Schiraldi commented, "PALO Creative is and has been a leader in the marketing agency world in Youngstown, Ohio for many years. I'm very glad that Rob and Jim are participating in DOYO Live and they are the title agency sponsor. PALO's the best of the best not just in Youngstown but anywhere!!!"

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