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Instagram Hacks That Everyone Can Use

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By: Dennis Schiraldi

Using Instagram to grow your business. Me too...I love Instagram because it helps to produce high-quality images that previously cost thousands of dollars. Now everyone can (almost) be a professional photographer. I want to give you a few hacks for Instagram that are a little bit of work but will free your photos from Instagram and let you repurpose them in your marketing efforts.

Use Native Photos

I see absolutely no reason at all to use Instagram if you are not using native photos. What I mean by native photos are one's that you take, with your camera. True there are a ton of royalty free picture sites on the web. I think they all totally have a purpose. However the beauty of Instagram is the fact that it turns all of us, including me into a semi-professional photog.

Here's the deal...when you use Instagram, which is a mobile heavy app. It's great if you can pull the pictures to re-purpose in other social media platforms. Another is how to you grow followers and engagement. And a bunch of other things. Here are several hacks that will help you to be better on Instagram for your brand!!!

Instagram Posts

When I want to re-purpose pictures from Instagram to my other social media accounts I do not attach Facebook or Twitter. Typically you are going to have a # strategy that is not going to play out well. Therefore I typically go to my phone gallery, which auto-stores the Instagram pics to the phone. Giving me the option to re-purpose via other social media platforms. I think adding your logo to the pic is extremely important. In that case I would upload to Google Photos and access via my laptop. See tip #2!

Google Photos

When I create a pic that I'd like to re-purpose on Insta I'll work on it on my laptop and upload it to Google Photos. From there typically I've added my logo to the photo. I store it in an album on Google Photos and then I am able to share it to Instagram via my mobile device. Please understand the why...The reason why, Instagram is a mobile heavy application. You can access via the desktop but it's limited, very limited.

Power Point

Whenever I want to add some sort of quote to an artsy picture. I'll grab my picture copy and paste it into Power Point. From there I'm able to add quotes to pics, etc. I'll then screen shot it, upload it to Google Photos and then go to my mobile device and share it.

Gain Traction with Followers and Grow Engagement

Hashtags that are relevant, relevant and trending is cool, but never cool if you are just looking to high jack followers because of a trending event. Reason being, you may generate big numbers for a following but are they in your target market. Additionally follow people that love your posts. Instagram gives you the option to click on the likes for your picture and it'll show you if they are following or not. Follow those people it'll help!!!

Follow, Follow Back, Comment & Heart

Engagement in social should be bi-directional, it should include showing some love for things you love. Don't be afraid to comment, thank people for liking your post, sometimes for follow. Probably the most annoying thing in the world is a brand that has a ton of followers and follows 3 people. It's social, be social when someone smiles in real-life you generally smile back, think of social the same way!

Take Those Pictures to the Printer

Typically I look at Instagram as a way to generate high-quality pictures that I can use in digital marketing, but should I dare say it...As part of a direct marketing strategy. Yes people...As much as I love digital I love being disruptive event more...Disruptive in a good way gets you noticed and helps you sell stuff. But not the annoying telemarketing disruptive. I'm talking with really amazing content that engages people. Using high-quality Instagram photos and re-purposing them on post card mailers is highly effective. Think about it for your advertising, on your business card, posters, eBook or just a book about your business. Or maybe your clients business or use your imagination, that's what is fun about marketing!!!


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