By: Dennis Schiraldi, DOYO Live Founder

I was lucky enough, a little over a year ago. To meet the good people at The Mahoning County Career and Technical Center. Marketing manager, Jessica Cene, gave me a tour of their facility. If you've never been, it's a truly remarkable place. Did you know? High school students (in certain programs) can graduate with college credit. Yes, there are programs at MCCTC, which your child can graduate from high school with college credit.

We are very lucky to have MCCTC as a sponsor of Joe Pulizzi's keynote presentation and they will be providing all participants with a complimentary copy of Joe's book, Content Inc. 

Not only that, but many of the programs prepare you to be job ready, right out of high school. For instance the cosmetology program will position high school students to pass their state boards. Which you may not realize it, but it's about a $20,000 investment to get your license in cosmetology.

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Welding is another key example, 18 year old kids are graduating from high school finding a job finding entry level jobs starting at $30 per hour. Be sure to ask them about the fire pits they make, they are awesome!

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IT Academy - It's a robust program, not to mention they learn to code...That's right code! You can earn up to 12 college credit hours, in addition to your high school diploma.

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There are just a few of the programs at MCCTC. Be sure to check out the programs at MCCTC, you will be amazed at the program, the resources, the teachers and most important, super talented students!


MCCTC- Mahoning County Career and Technical Center

  • As a premier educational center, the mission of the MCCTC is to create lifelong learners through dynamic, relevant curriculum that encompasses advanced technology, rigorous academics, college credit options, industry credentials and strategic partnerships
  • The MCCTC offers a group of passionate professionals ready to help you begin your career. Since 1972, MCCTC has provided thousands of students with the education to lead a successful career and life. Once enrolled in one of our diverse programs, your options and potential are limitless

Valley STEM +ME2 Academy

  • The Valley STEM + ME2 Academy’s mission is to prepare students with skills necessary to compete in the global economy while nurturing the characteristics of discovery, invention, application, and entrepreneurship
  • In order to provide a dynamic teaching and learning community linked to area industries, all stakeholders will be engaged as active members of the learning community and supporting students as they:
  • Engage in a seamless, inquiry-based, individualized learning experience dedicated to using STEM across curriculum to solve problems;
  • Set goals and work to obtain the skills, knowledge, and experiences that will position students for future success, particularly in the STEM disciplines;
  • Participate in authentic real-world experiences with practicing scientists, engineers and technical professionals at research/industry sites;
  • Participate in challenging and accelerated opportunities to demonstrate content mastery, as well as earn college credit;
  • Participate in a program aligned to stackable industry certificates with specific career pathways.


DOYO Live is committed to ongoing education of marketing, business, design and sales professionals, which is why this is a good fit, for MCCTC to sponsor our event. We will accomplish this through our blog, webinars, podcasts, workshops and our in-person marketing event. This year will feature Joe Pulizzi, Nate Riggs, 15 breakout sessions, workshops and networking opportunities. Lunch will be provided by PALO Creative, which is our title agency sponsor.

DOYO Live is founded by Dennis Schiraldi, a marketing executive from Youngstown, Ohio who is dedicated to helping make this event a tremendous success. Be sure to sign up today! 

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