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Building a Brand in Digital Medicine

The medical profession, healthcare in general can be a very complicated topic. In those layers of complications physicians have an extraordinary challenging calling in life. One of those many challenges, often times less serious but no less complicated or sophisticated is understanding how to utilize modern day digital marketing to educate the general population on very complex issues, sometimes life or death.


Healthcare's Adoption of Social Media

We've come a very long way in healthcare from 2007 when most hospitals, physicians and healthcare administrators looked at social media like the black plague. It's now widely acceptable at the enterprise level, meaning hospitals, to have some for of engagement either through a website, blog and/or incorporating a social media presence.


Advancements in Digital Marketing in Healthcare

But as many of these healthcare entities have entered the space, just as many are still very tentative about their digital ecosystem. In that landscape, many if not most individual healthcare professionals  completely avoid using social media, as a way to educate their constituents and build a brand. Therefore advancements in digital marketing in healthcare have happened at a glacial pace.


Healthcare Thought Leaders

With Dr. Mike Sevilla, that is not the case. We are very lucky to have Mike speaking at DOYO Live on how he's used digital marketing by incorporating a blog, video and social media strategy to help him grow his brand, educate patients and gain national recognition through his efforts online.

Not only is Dr. Mike's talk going to be valuable for anyone in healthcare, but everyone will benefit from learning about his content marketing strategy. Having expertise, passion and consistency. Pushing it out through various mediums online consistently, doesn't matter if you are in healthcare or have a fashion blog. You'll be able to connect the dots and learn from Mike on how he's done it.


In This Breakout Session You Will Learn About:

• The use of a social media presence helped build Mike Sevilla, MD's practice.

• Facebook is the new Twitter to build a medical brand.

• How to tell your medical story without worrying about HIPAA and patient privacy laws.

• Live video streaming like Facebook Live & Periscope will have huge impact on the medical industry.




Mike Sevilla, MD is a local guy and when we say local we mean Youngstown! He also happens to be one of the early social media pioneers in his field. Mike graduated from Youngstown State University and Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) and is currently in private practice at the Family Practice Center in Salem, Ohio.

Dr. Sevilla holds an appointment as Assistant Professor in Family and Community Medicine at NEOMED. One of the many things we love about Dr. Mike is that he is known as one of the early adopters of (in medicine) physicians using digital media for communications. Mike blogs at DrMikeSevilla.com which started 10 years ago.

He is now very active in other social media platforms like podcasts, Twitter and Facebook. In 2015, Mike joined the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network being on their External Advisory Board. Mike Sevilla has been a national speaker on the topics of Medicine and Social Media to a variety of physician groups including the American Academy of Family Physicians. Mike was also a speaker at the 2015 TedX Youngstown event with a talk entitled, “Change The World Using Social Media."


DOYO Live is a digital marketing + interactive design conference being held in Youngstown, Ohio on August 4, 2016. This event is dedicated to educating marketing professionals, business owners, designers and sales executives on digital marketing and UX design.

Several goals for this event include: Stimulating the economy of Youngstown, being a job creator and being purpose driven. A portion of this year's proceeds will go to The Rich Center for Autism and various programs at YSU.

It would mean the world to us if you signed up to attend our event. We have 2 keynote speakers, including Joe Pulizzi, 15 breakout sessions, networking and much more. If you cannot attend pay it forward to someone who might. Want to attend DOYO Live you can register here, today!


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