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The Scientific Approach to Improving Conversion with A/B Testing

Taking a Scientific Approach to Digital Marketing: How A/B Split Testing Can Improve Conversions and the Consumer Experience!

As marketers and businesses in general, can any of us truly say that we are using the absolute best version of every marketing tactic in our arsenal? I think not - and those that can are few and far between.

For the majority of marketing’s lifetime as a professional discipline, decisions, content direction, design, and strategy have largely been influenced by opinion and gut feel. While going with our gut can create a good jumping off point, it is not the key ingredient for a solid, ongoing marketing strategy.

Do any of the quotes below sound familiar?

  • “This email subject line should work best.”
  • “I think it should be red instead of blue.”
  • “How many form fields should we use?”
  • “This content might resonate with our audience better than that.”
  • “Are you sure we should say Free Demo instead of Complimentary Consultation?”
  • “What should we try to improve conversion rates?

These are just a few examples among thousands that we experience everyday, and that is exactly why we need to utilize a scientific approach to take the guesswork out of marketing. Luckily there is a simple method at our disposal that can provide clear direction, continuous improvement, and a real positive impact on the bottom line of your business – A/B split testing.

DOYO Live proudly announces that we've added Alex Foley to our speaker lineup. In this engaging presentation, Alex will walk you through the theory and history behind A/B split testing, where to use it in your business, best practices, and some tools available to help kick-start your new marketing best friend.



Alex Foley - NR Media Group


As a Consultant at NR Media Group, Alex manages multiple accounts and helps drive inbound marketing and HubSpot strategy/execution for his clients. As an inbound and marketing automation specialist, Alex understands the strategies necessary to succeed in today’s evolving business and consumer landscape. In addition to his primary client responsibilities, he also assists with NR Media Group’s own marketing efforts and regularly contributes to the blog.

Alex graduated from Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business with focuses in Finance and Professional Writing and has over 6 years of digital marketing experience. In the past, Alex has helped to create strategic content and product-launch strategies for numerous Fortune 100 brands including Sprint and Humana. In his free time, Alex loves to play sand volleyball, embarks on scuba diving adventures and frets over the fate of all the Game of Thrones characters that he connects with.

Connect with Alex on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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