Meet Dennis Schiraldi

Dennis is the founder and chair of DOYO Live. As an experienced, well-traveled marketing executive with expertise in digital marketing strategy.

Building a Brand in Digital Medicine

The medical profession, healthcare in general can be a very complicated topic. In those layers of complications physicians have an extraordinary challenging calling in life. One of those many challenges, often times less serious but no less[…]

The City of You - Branding & Marketing the City of Youngstown

The “City of You” is a strategic, articulate, and comprehensive campaign that seeks to redefine the perception of Youngstown over the course of several years. This campaign will be communicated in print media, social media, web media, audio[…]

The Business of Art

Arts Means Business Professional Development Series

How to Build Sales through Social Media

Wednesday, April 13 

 McDonough Museum of Art

5:30-7:30 PM

DOYO Live! speaker RJ Thompson: Graphic & Interactive Design will be offering a Power of the Arts[…]

Storytelling with the Pixar Pitch

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Disrupting Traditions

How to Use Digital Marketing to Rebrand, Retool and Bring Your Business to New Heights 

By: Dennis Schiraldi

The Scientific Approach to Improving Conversion with A/B Testing

Taking a Scientific Approach to Digital Marketing: How A/B Split Testing Can Improve Conversions and the Consumer Experience!

As marketers and businesses in general, can any of us truly say that we are using the absolute best version of every[…]

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