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Agency or In-house: Who should be doing your marketing?



Featured Speaker Devyn Bellamy

Doing your own marketing may sound like a good idea, but unless you are an actual marketer, you should probably leave it to the professionals.  The question is, "Which Professional?"  Some people just hand it off to an existing employee, others create an entirely new position.  An agency could easily do everything you need it to, but which one is the right one?

In this talk from Inbound Marketer Devyn Bellamy, you'll learn the different kinds of people who can handle your marketing, and when it is the right time to choose.  No company is created equally, and that goes double for agencies.  After this session, you'll know the right questions to ask, and which people to ask them of. Grab your ticket today!

Key Takeaways

  1. Learn how to choose the right Agency
  2. Know what skills to look for in an employee
  3. Determine which path is the one you should take

Meet Devyn 

Devyn Bellamy runs a small consulting company that focuses on aligning sales and marketing efforts. He is a Silicon Valley Native who recently moved to Columbia, SC. Previously, Devyn worked as the VP of Marketing for a solid surface manufacturer in Massillon, OH, the Director of Marketing for a tech software startup in Philadelphia, PA and was also the operations manager for a Youngstown radio station. He's also a highly decorated Inbound Marketing Specialist.  


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