Managing Social Media Complaints

Amanda Changuris

Human interaction is at the root of all social media, and when humans interact a certain amount of it will get ugly. When you’re responsible for a brand’s online presence, you need to be prepared to handle the upset, the wronged, and the dismayed.
Attend this session to see real-life examples spanning more than seven years of health care and health insurance experience, learn what people really want from you when they start hitting you up on your social media accounts, and discover management strategies to help you get through whatever the internet throws your way.


After getting her start in the TV news business, Amanda transitioned into health care marketing for a community hospital near her home town in Maryland. There, thanks to a forward-thinking CEO, she launched her first professional social media empire in 2009. Since then, she’s worked in social media for health care and health insurance companies — and managed the pressing and sensitive issues that come along with running those account.

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DOYO Live is a digital marketing and interactive design conference being held in Youngstown, Ohio on August 4, 2016. We are dedicated to educating marketing, sales, business and design professionals on digital marketing, branding and being disruptive to grow your business. Many organizations are starting to just now recognize the multiple use cases for social media. One of them is in customer service, but the impact is far greater to both marketing and PR. We’d love to hear if you’ve ever complained about a brand on social media and what was the response?

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