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How To Add Context To Your Content Marketing

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3 Types of Content Your Brand Needs

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Learn About Cross-Channel Marketing with Jeff Ryznar

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More Platforms, More Problems: Simplifying Your Social Media Marketing

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Martino Motorsports Drops by The DOYO Live Marketing Show

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The DOYO Live Marketing Show – The Right Social Media Mix For Your Business

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Small Business Saturday – Shop Small Youngstown

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Facebook Set to Launch ‘Facebook at Work’ Next Month

Facebook will soon release it’s long-awaited Facebook at Work business tool, according to latest reports. 

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By: Dennis Schiraldi


Facebook for business, anticipating there will be a closed social media network offered by Facebook to allow businesses to communicate. While there are a number of products on the market today, with market share penetration. This is a game changer (in my opinion). 


People like to live in the Facebook ecosystem, it’s more efficient, although working in and on Facebook are two different things. Anyone that manages social media accounts for a living will tell you that it’s challenging to not get distracted when managing a Facebook account for business.


That said, I can see companies condensing to eliminate going back-and-forth between platforms. I’m am concerned about the intent of Facebook and whether or not the information (data) will be mined in order to feed their big marketing machine. 

It’s an interesting scenario for sure as Facebook is the Microsoft of social media platforms. Your thoughts?

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Professional Services Time to Take Marketing Seriously

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