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Why You Should Attend DOYO Live – Digital Marketing & Interactive Design Conference in Youngstown, Ohio!

DOYO Live is the premier marketing event of the year in Youngstown, Ohio. It’s one in which, if you are in marketing, sales, business or creative design that you will not want to miss. We will feature over 15+ breakout sessions on both digital and traditional marketing strategy and tactics, […]

What does DOYO Live have in common with 4 of the top marketing conferences in 2017?

The DOYO Live Daily – What does DOYO Live have in common with Marketing Nation Summit by Marketo, Content Marketing World, HubSpot Inbound 17, and PubCon? Several speakers including Jonathan Pogact, Jeff Leo Herrmann, Sherron Washington and DOYO Live Keynote Debra Jasper, Ph.D., CEO of Mindset Digital are all speaking at DOYO Live in 2017 and at the top marketing conferences in 2017! […]

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How-to-Handle Social Media Comments & Complaints

DOYO Live Daily – Bergen Giordani, One Hot Cookie and a DOYO Live breakout session leader tells us about The Rich Center for Autism and how to handle social media comments, complaints, and thoughts!     ABOUT DOYO Live DOYO Live is a digital marketing and interactive design conference dedicated to the ongoing professional development […]

Inbound Marketing as A Strategy to Generate Business

The DOYO Live Marketing Show featuring guest contributor Beth Hawks, The Bonanno Group Digital Marketing Consultants and a DOYO Live breakout session leader. Great episode as we talk about: 1. Inbound marketing as a strategy to generate business. 2. HubSpot – Marketing and sales technology from the only certified HubSpot agency in the area and […]

The Startup Story of Bootstrapping Disruption in a Digital Market

By: Danny Catullo Can you really launch a bootstrap business in a digital landscape? Danny’s done it. However, in order to succeed with a new business during this era, any savvy business owners needs a solid strategy. Bootstrapping is tough work and comes with its fair share of bumps on […]

5-Tips for Better Email Marketing by Ross Morrone

DOYO Live Daily guest contributor Ross Morrone from This is Marketing Podcast discusses Email Marketing. 5-Tips for Better Email Marketing – Be sure to check it out. Ross is crushing it and advice you can start using today! Email marketing survived the social media onslaught. And is a very viable […]

The Digital Skillscast – How to Integrate Facebook Live into Your Digital Marketing Strategy and Classroom!

This week on The Digital Skillscast, we talk the future of Facebook Live and how that applies to Higher Education. As the industry of digital marketing continues to rapidly evolve, our classrooms and the curriculum in which we teach must also. The History of Facebook Live Launched on April 6th, 2016, […]

The DOYO Live Marketing Show – We Get Sassy with Ralph Fajack

This week on The DOYO Live Marketing Show we get sassy with special guest Ralph Fajack on Facebook Live. Join us as we talk about our love for: Social media and connecting with people. The great people of Youngstown, Ohio! Food & craft beer 10 questions or so with Ralph, […]

Stunning Royalty Free Image Sites

On the #DOYOLive Daily we talk royalty free images and what to do with them once you get them! Gratisography – Royalty Free Images – Pexels – Royalty Free Images – Slidely – Awesome sight for making content marketing videos – Ripl – Dress up your Instagram and […]

Want to Improve Spelling and Grammar Right Now On Social Media Today?

In this episode of the #doyolive daily – We provide you with an app that can make all your spelling and grammatical woes go away. It’s called Grammarly and it’s free.     This is a link for a free trial to the premium account, but you really don’t need […]