Getting Started with Content Marketing – View Today!


Experts, (including DOYO Live keynote), Joe Pulizzi, recommend that if you are going to implement a content marketing strategy, that you better be prepared to not expect big results for the first 18 months! And that’s true for the most part.

However, this is a bit of a challenge when there is pressure to produce immediate results.

Many businesses have high expectations of marketing to generate highly qualified leads that result in sales, driving Return On Investment today.

What if I told you that it’s possible to implement a content marketing strategy that can not only generate high quality content, but also generate leads for your business in the next 30 days?

Join DOYO Live Founder, Dennis Schiraldi as he walks you through this webinar on how to get started with content marketing!

  • How to come up with a topic.
  • Find thought leaders to present interesting content
  • Generate awareness through content marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • How to engage your sales team
  • Pre-registration questions to consider to qualify participants
  • Technology platforms 
  • Polling questions to ask
  • Post webinar follow up
  • Creative ways to re-purpose content

During this webinar Dennis will present a handful of case studies to share of how both B2B and B2C companies will benefit from delivering a well executed webinar. Be sure to view today!