SnapChat is the New Facebook and Why You Should Not Ignore It



By: Dennis Schiraldi

Do you remember when Facebook was like SnapChat? When people scoffed at the idea of the fact that you could build engagement, create connections and build awareness for your business.

I do…Back in 2009 – Health Imaging & IT wrote a story on it, Web 2.0 – Marketing on Steroids. Yup, looking back on it funny on many levels but mainly the fact that people were questioning the validity of marketing a healthcare business on a social networking site where college kids post pictures of themselves at keg parties.

Sometimes the early adopters are seemingly insane…However jump forward in the DeLorean to 2016 and there’s not a healthcare entity without a digital marketing strategy. Integrating social media, content, leveraging Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

“the social media site that you dismiss today because no one is on it has the potential to be the Facebook of tomorrow.”


2016 feels a little like 2009, in the sense I hear marketing professionals, skeptics and sages scoff and even sometimes loathe the fact that sites like SnapChat, Vine and Periscope even exist.

It’s like voting people, early and often. Follow me, like Facebook, by the time everyone agreed that it is a legitimate platform for marketing a business it was too late. Understanding the strategy, effectively engaging with your audience, building a following and all of the above became a challenge, additionally no longer free to reach your audience.

Facebook is awesome, no where on Earth can you spend $20 in advertising and get 10,000 to 20,000 eyeballs on your content. It’s also mature and can be very noisy. Twitter is the same and the list goes on.

People are still trying to figure out where the SnapChat’s fit into the world of creating brand awareness. Frankly at times I am as well…However the social media site that you dismiss today because no one is on it has the potential to be the Facebook of tomorrow.

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