How to Ruin Your Next Webinar

By: Dennis Schiraldi

So many things I love about webinars for businesses. Most of all they work! Not only do they generate highly qualified sales leads they also generate a great deal of content. Instead of telling you all the great tips and tricks how to execute the perfect webinar we figured we give you a bunch of ways to screw up your next webinar and ensure that it’s a complete and utter dumpster fire, of course we do not condone these ideas!



Wing It – Instead of identifying your goals, topic, promotion plan, logistics, etc. for a webinar. Just go with the fact that you do presentations all the time, you speak in front of people and your a master of the mic.



Goals – To elaborate a little more…Make you sure you don’t shoot for a specific number of registrants, attendees, qualified leads, conversions and wins. This way you’ll have no idea to measure success.



Promotional Plan – Email, I scoff at the use of the most effective tool there is for getting people to sign up. Who cares if you send out 1 or 2, maybe 3 well thought out email promotions that track open and clickthrough rate performance and removing anyone that actually signs up. Social, hmmm, don’t think there’s much to this social media thing, especially the 1.5B on Facebook, the millions of Tweets with industry trending topics and hashtags to gain eyes on and of course no B2B in their right mind is going to be on LinkedIn. Come to think of it throw away the blog, newsletter and any other coordinated fashion between sales, marketing and editorial calendars and planning. Again see #1 and wing it!




Logistics – Go-To-Meeting, Cisco WebEx, Join Me and many others are all created equal. You don’t need to get familiar with any of these tools because they are sophisticated tech platforms that ALWAYS work.




Phone – Be sure to dial in from a noisy location, Starbucks will usually do the trick and make sure you are not using a very reliable clear connection like a landline.


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Presentation – Back to the you speak in front of people all the time and speaking into your computer screen when you cannot see the hundreds of people that are on your event is exactly the same. Be sure to seize the day and wear your PJ’s for the presentation…It’ll be the only time in life you can pull that one off!



Script – Make sure you read your webinar word-for-word while you are shuffling around papers quietly pretending to know that we don’t know that you are reading it. Why? Because being your natural human self sucks, people like robots, that read in monotone and have no inflection. It literally is so effective it helps put my kids to sleep every night!


Engagement – Whatever you do don’t worry about picking a compelling topic, great speaker or trying to engage with your audience over polling questions or the chat feature. You and your awesome products are going to be so compelling that people are going to stop whatever it is in their busy lives to give you an hour of their life, that they will never get back, to listen to you pontificate about how great your widget can help them.



Content – Whatever you do…do not repurpose any of your awesome content in blogs, SlideShare, YouTube, etc.



Lead Follow Up – Don’t follow up with anyone that could potentially be a lead, wait for them to call you with praise of how great your were for entertaining them for an hour!

About the Author:

Dennis Schiraldi has produced over 50+ webinars that have generated over thousands of leads and contributed to millions of dollars of revenue is sales funnels. He’s also the founder of DOYO Live being held in Youngstown, Ohio on August 4, 2016. This event is a digital marketing conference dedicated to educating marketing and design professionals, business owners and sales executives on digital marketing strategy, including webinars that help to generate revenue.

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