BrainFood from the Heartland with Louie B. Free…Dennis Schiraldi and Louie Wax About Marketing in Youngstown, Ohio, Craft Beer & The Rolling Stones!



BrainFood from the Heartland with Louie B. Free…Be sure to check out the show!

By: Dennis Schiraldi

This week I got to hang out with Louie B. Free on Vindy Radio. It was an awesome two hours. If you follow Louie on Facebook you can grab all four parts of the interview. However…

Part II – is a quick 15 minute listen but it goes deep into breaking down the DOYO Live audience, who attended, a very funny comparison to different generations in the Schiraldi family, being a practitioner of digital marketing vs. a jack-of-all trades and a master of none, Facebook’s massive teenage exodus is a myth and other funny thoughts on social media. Plus providing value valuable resources I read daily, besides DOYO Live, such as:

Last but not least we end this segment with a healthy conversation our my favorite adult beverages. If you like a good craft beer or looking for rare but reasonably pricing cabernet sauvignon, you will want to watch the video through. In other segments we weave in-and-out of conversations pertaining to everything from marketing, how Napster changed music forever, the Stones as in the Rolling Stones, Music-ly, Justin Bieber and the DOYO Live benefactor package. Very cool stuff, thank you Louie for all that you do!!!