DOYO Live Design Showcase

Design by Becky Bertuzzi, B Squared Graphics

Introducing the DOYO Live Design Showcase – Calling all creatives, branding professionals, designers, web developers, video makers, photography (used in advertising)…

We want to showcase your work at DOYO Live – Digital Marketing + Interactive Design Conference.

Submit your design today!

What to Enter?

  • Logos
  • Items in a Series (Up to five pieces grouped as one entry)> This can be part of an integrated digital and traditional marketing and advertising campaign.
  • Three-Dimensional
  • Interactive Media
  • Large Format

Come on…Inspire us today with your creativity – Submit today!

Who Should Enter?

Creative design firms, individuals, and students that are looking to be disruptive, change the culture of creative marketing and advertising campaigns, that want to get be part of this showcase to help create awareness for your business (brand) and be part of DOYO Live. This includes.

  • Creative Design Firms
  • Ad Agencies
  • Freelancers – Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Video Makers
  • Photographers
  • Students
  • Other

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DOYO Live Designer Showcase Goals

  1. Provide a platform to showcase creative work developed for marketing and advertising campaigns.
  2. Display work to help push the creative landscape at DOYO Live and in the Youngstown, Ohio area.
  3. Be a catalyst to help generate work, client relations and create job opportunities.

This is going to be a mashup of marketing and advertising campaigns, that include interactive, 3D and large format, used in branding, design and to create disruption in marketing.

Join the madness today!

The DOYO Live Advisory Board will evaluate each submission based on…

  • Creative design
  • Ad campaign objective
  • Medium – Print, digital, interactive, etc.
  • What were the goals & objectives for this project? (Ad campaign, branding, etc.) Please provide brief answers a 100-words or less.
  • Who was the intended audience?
  • Any challenges to overcome?

We’d love to see your work!

Why and What You Get?

  • Awesome opportunity to get your work showcased at the premier marketing event of the year in Youngstown, Ohio.
  • Work displayed on DOYO Live digital assets leading up the conference and work.
  • DOYO Live Designer Showcase – Featured at DOYO Live and events surrounding the event.
  • 1-Ticket to DOYO Live valued at $225.

This is it…The moment of truth!

Important Dates

April 9, 2018 – Open call for creative submission start date.

May 31, 2018 – Submission entry deadline.

June 15, 2018 – Notification to finalist.

Get your design in today!

Prepare, Package & Send

When Applicable – We’d prefer an electronic submission even for us to just take a look…However

When submitting an item of series or 3D, participants will need to send a physical representation of submitted work for judging and exhibition (if the entry is selected). All pieces from a single entrant should be sent in one package or envelope, when possible.

The online submission system will email labels that participants must print and affix to each piece (on lower back-side corner if possible).

URL must be provided in the online submission system for interactive and time-based media entries. Physical pieces should be provided in the same form that the audience engages with it. Printed images of the work will be accepted only for environmental graphics, interactive work, and packaging or 3D entries. Selected entries will be displayed as submitted. (Please refrain from mounting on foam core.)

1. One copy of a completed individual entry form for each entry uses the follow DOYO Live Designer Sign Up Form (please print and attach).

2. Package all pieces together for submission. Please mark all packages DOYO Live Designer Showcase with submitter’s name and phone number on the package.

We will do what we can to arrange the return of packages but we cannot guarantee that these will be returned.


Online submissions must be completed and physical pieces must be received by May 15, 2018.

Send all entries packages to:

7308 Indian Trail

Poland, Ohio 44514