Traditional Marketing is Dead, How to Use Big Data to Build Your Digital Strategy

DOYO Live - Ross Morrone, Director of Marketing at YSU - Breakout Session Leader

DOYO Live – Ross Morrone, Director of Marketing at YSU – Breakout Session Leader

Are you working on your next television commercial or designing a new billboard? That’s great maybe when your customers take time to look up from their cellphones they will actually see it. Traditional marketing is only for the experts that have big budgets and small mindsets.

Yea, I said it. Your customer base is spending all their free time sharing how-to cooking videos on Facebook, snapping their friends on SnapChat or crafting #hashtags and filters on Instagram posts. Where is your money better spent? This presentation will discuss the trends taking place right now, and the opportunities that big data is providing to help you build your first REAL digital strategy.


Ross Morrone is the Director of Marketing at Youngstown State University. He has over 10 years of experience with a focus on digital marketing, advertising, branding, social media, content building and analytics. He is an online instructor for Brandeis University in Boston where he teaches Social, Web and Marketing Analytics and Strategic Analytics and Visualization for Big Data.

Follow and connect with Ross on Twitter @rossmorrone, Snapchat @thisismarketing, read his blog on or listen to his weekly podcast, This is Marketing on iTunes.


DOYO Live is a digital marketing and UX design conference being held in Youngstown, Ohio on August 4, 2016. This event is dedicated to educating marketing and design professionals, business owners and sales executives on digital marketing and interactive design strategy. There will be two keynote speakers, 15 breakout sessions, networking and more. Be sure to join us!

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