Curating Content – Be Wise About It or You Will Get Penalized by Google

Google takes a close look at syndicated content and will penalize you for it. Similar to the strategy being deployed here…Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been testing different ways of syndicating content. I will tell you one thing is that it works. We’ve been extremely dedicated to generating our own content. However everything in digital marketing is always open for testing. Therefore we went with a service called a few weeks back. After a 7-day free trial there was a considerably amount of increase in web traffic over that time span. For those of you that understand SEO, web traffic, rankings, etc.

7-days is not nearly enough time to see if there’s a long term gain from SEO. However I will share with you that we have over a 130% increase in week-over-week web traffic. About 25% gain in organic acquisition of that traffic and a significant increase in social attribution.

Net-net, I believe these gains were mostly due to activity. Posting daily, syndicating content, liking, sharing and commenting on other people’s posts. Being very active on social media channels by posting content. Creating original blog content and re-purposing it on Medium and LinkedIn’s Pulse. Plus the incorporation into our email strategy.

Just recently, as of today there are few hacks worth noting as well…We have a WordPress site. Which on some websites you can copy and past the URL right into the post, just as we did here…By passing a $7 – $65 per month content hub. I seen others that exceed that number.

While it’s a completely acceptable practice. Curating content to supplement original or natively produced content to be on point with compelling, related subject matter. There are benefits to SEO, building authority. Best practices say to incorporate your opinion into that curated information. Here’s my thought…While I’m finding the quick hit benefits of supplementing content, I’m not quite sold on pushing other people’s content for my own benefit.

It’s a big challenge to produce native, originally owned content on a consistent basis. I do feel however less is more. Getting guest contributors to this blog and/or yours can make up for the difference of curating against someone you don’t know. Again it all depends on the time, score and situation. What do you think, share your opinion below?


How to Keep Google From Penalizing Your Syndicated Content


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