DOYO Live Workshops: What to Expect and Why They’re Important

By Amanda Lynch, owner of Busy Blogs Plus DOYO Live is gearing up to be the most powerful digital marketing conference in the Youngstown area. There are endless opportunities to network and learn something new, especially from our keynote speaker Joe Pulizzi and breakout sessions from our thought leaders. Business owners […]

Disrupting Traditions

How to Use Digital Marketing to Rebrand, Retool and Bring Your Business to New Heights  By: Dennis Schiraldi I don’t think it would be possible to have a digital marketing conference in Youngstown, Ohio and not invite Danny Catullo to speak. Back when I conceptualized this event and envisioned how it would […]

SnapChat is the New Facebook and Why You Should Not Ignore It

  By: Dennis Schiraldi Do you remember when Facebook was like SnapChat? When people scoffed at the idea of the fact that you could build engagement, create connections and build awareness for your business. I do…Back in 2009 – Health Imaging & IT wrote a story on it, Web 2.0 – […]

Are You Jumping On the SnapChat Bandwagon?

  By: Dennis Schiraldi The reason why Gary Vaynerchuk has such a huge following on social media is because he’s really freaking great at what he does. While the recent endorsement of SnapChat by Gary has help to increase visibility (as of late) and bring it street cred, making it […]