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It’s Time for the Valley Digital Services March Madness DOYO Live Ticket Giveaway

Want to win a free ticket to Youngstown, Ohio’s premier marketing event of the year? Plans are well underway and we are working hard to bring you our 2nd annual digital marketing and interactive design conference. We recently announced our keynote speaker, Debra Jasper and a full list of breakout […]

The DOYO Live Marketing Show – Featuring Special Guest Martino Motorsports

This week on The DOYO Live Marketing Show our special guest will be Ryan Martino of Martino Motorsports. We are super excited to have Ryan on our Facebook Live marketing show this Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 11AM to discuss: Marketing in motorsports. Martino Motorsports use of social media. Youngstown […]

How to Use Big Data to Drive Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Traditional Marketing is Dead: How to Use Big Data to Build Your Digital Strategy from DOYO Live Ever hear the term big data? What is it? How can you leverage big data to impact your digital marketing decisions? Are you working on your next television commercial or designing a new […]

Would You Like to Win a Free Copy of Joe Pulizzi’s Content, Inc?

DOYO Live Facebook Giveaway – Win Your Free Copy of Content, Inc. Today! It is time to have some fun…We are going to giveaway a free copy Joe Pulizzi’s, Content, Inc. This is an awesome book for anyone considering implementing a content marketing strategy for your business or own personal […]

Creative Thinking On Content and Tactics Is a Real Pain, Here Are Three Tips To Overcome It

  It’s a combination of both writer’s and creative block that hits a lot of us in marketing. Typically in order for us to get beyond the blog, a good 5-mile run or walk at a moderate pace will usually clear the cobwebs and free up some space to think. […]

New Marketing Software – Not the End All Answer to All Your Problems

By: Dennis Schiraldi The benefit to every software solution, whether it’s marketing, sales or healthcare IT, that I’ve either ever consumed or sold is that it will help to increase operational efficiency, decrease expense and maximize revenue. Every software company in the world sells off these same features and benefits. […]

3 Really Good Ways to Make Your Next Webinar a Big Success

By: Dennis Schiraldi Webinars are a really great way to generate a great deal of content to get your content marketing strategy going. And even more importantly for most businesses, is the fact they (webinars) are a tremendous way to generate leads. Here are 3 solid ways to make your […]