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Build the value of your brand with data-fueled creative tactics! Jeff Hedrich – The Prodigal Company Data, technology, and branding are the three essential drivers of modern marketing. The oldest and most enduring of these, branding, is overdue for more innovative methods. While data and new technologies are driving a […]

Secrets of Mobile Search Dominance

Breakout Session Leader: Maryna Hradovich – SEMRush – VP Strategic Growth & Development Session Overview: You know that more and more searches are occurring on mobile devices, but are you prepared to dominate mobile SERPs? Maryna will discuss how search engine algorithms are evolving with user behavior and speak about […]

SEO Myths and Mistakes

BY STEVE CROSS, iSynergy Not all SEO efforts end well. There are a lot of myths and mistakes that beginners can make which end up doing nothing or even harming your rankings. For those who are new to optimizing their pages the whole thing can seem a bit unclear at […]

Catching Up with Dhariana Lozano

This past week on the DOYO Live Marketing Show we got a chance to catch up with Dhariana Lozano, Owner of Supremacy Marketing in New York City. Dhariana spoke at DOYO Live in 2018 and will be partnered with Dennis Schiraldi, DOYO Live Founder, to bring you a Facebook Virtual […]