Monthly Archives: October 2016

Facebook Recommendations and the Start of the End of SEO

Facebook Adds New Tools to Amplify Word-of-Mouth Recommendations, Boost Response Will Facebook Recommendations change the landscape of how we approach search engine optimization as we know it. Keyword mapping, local listings management, on/off-side linking, updating content on a consistent basis with relevant information, indexing through all of Google’s free applications, […]

Creative Thinking On Content and Tactics Is a Real Pain, Here Are Three Tips To Overcome It

  It’s a combination of both writer’s and creative block that hits a lot of us in marketing. Typically in order for us to get beyond the blog, a good 5-mile run or walk at a moderate pace will usually clear the cobwebs and free up some space to think. […]

Can We Please Stop Overthinking Influencer Marketing Today?

By: Dennis Schiraldi Be sure to watch Dennis Schiraldi on Facebook Live talk about influencer marketing! Influencer marketing absolutely needs to be integrated into your marketing strategy. But don’t over think it. It’s actually quite simple. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to successfully launching your […]

The DOYO Live Marketing Show – Influencer Marketing & Facebook Recommendations

The DOYO Live Marketing Show – This coming Friday, October 21, 2016 @ 10AM on Facebook Live we will discuss influencer marketing and Facebook Recommendations. A new offering from Facebook that incorporates machine based learning and what that means for the future of Search Engine Optimization as we know it. […]

Getting Started with Content Marketing – How About a Webinar?

  Getting Started with Content Marketing – How About a Webinar? How to Get Started with Content Marketing Looking to get started with content marketing but haven’t quite figured out how to start? There’s a lot of people out there that share that same feeling, you are not alone. Executing […]

3 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Next Webinar

By: Dennis Schiraldi     The definition of repurpose is – adapt for use in a different purpose. This is most important in the world of content marketing. Where content is king but it’s also a beast with a bottomless pit of an appetite. Here are three ways to leverage […]

Some Totally Awesome Ways to Make Your Next Webinar a Complete Disaster

By: Dennis Schiraldi So many things I love about webinars for businesses. Most of all they work! Not only do they generate highly qualified sales leads but provide our clients with a great deal of content. Instead of telling you all the great tips and tricks how to execute the […]

New Marketing Software – Not the End All Answer to All Your Problems

By: Dennis Schiraldi The benefit to every software solution, whether it’s marketing, sales or healthcare IT, that I’ve either ever consumed or sold is that it will help to increase operational efficiency, decrease expense and maximize revenue. Every software company in the world sells off these same features and benefits. […]