Monthly Archives: April 2016

Sales and Marketing Living Happily Together

By: Dennis Schiraldi I’ve been in a unique position to have been in both sales and marketing roles in my career. This perspective has helped me to have a great relationship with sales while in marketing roles and vice versa. There are a number of companies that have a fracture […]

7 Movies to Inspire Your Next Great Marketing Idea

  Bones Brigade – Brash, in your face, take no prisoners with a great marketing and branding lesson! Pearl Jam 20 – A big middle finger to the man, 90’s GenX’ers created an entire culture of making bad ass music and making no apologies about it! Bottle Shock – Wine, […]

The City of You – Branding & Marketing the City of Youngstown

The “City of You” is a strategic, articulate, and comprehensive campaign that seeks to redefine the perception of Youngstown over the course of several years. This campaign will be communicated in print media, social media, web media, audio podcasts, online video, wearable applications, and environmental signage, among others. In this […]